Chapter 17.40


17.40.010    Construction standards--Plans and plan checking costs.

17.40.020    When improvement work may begin.

17.40.030    Issuance of work stop order.

17.40.010 Construction standards--Plans and plan-checking costs.

A.    All subdivision improvements shall be constructed in accordance with standard engineering practice and shall conform to the standard improvement specifications as adopted by the board of supervisors and on file in the office of the county engineer.  All such improvements shall be installed under the supervision of, and to the approval of the county engineer or his duly authorized representative.

B.    The subdivider shall submit such plans, specifications or proposed designs as may be required by any of the various offices of the county as may be requested by said departments or required under the provisions of this title.  The actual costs of checking, inspecting, testing or other costs incurred by the county for checking, inspecting or testing plans, specifications and designs shall be borne and paid for by the subdivider.

C.    In addition to the actual costs to be borne by the subdivider described in subsection B, the county’s actual costs of plan checking, inspection, engineering, soil testing and other costs, including administration and accounting costs, incurred by the county shall be chargeable to and paid for by the subdivider, and a fee of five percent of the engineer’s estimate (the engineer’s estimate shall include ten percent contingency) shall be paid to the county when improvement plans for streets, water and sewer systems are submitted for checking.  If the actual costs exceed five percent of said estimate, the subdivider shall pay the amount of excess thereof.  If the actual costs are less than five percent of said estimate, the county shall reimburse the subdivider the amount which the five percent of said estimate exceeds the actual costs.  (Ord. 681 §2, 1979).

17.40.020 When improvement work may begin.

Improvement work shall not begin until the tentative map of any subdivision has been approved, and until plans for such work have been submitted to, approved and signed by the county engineer or his authorized agent, and by any local water district, corporation, company or firm, and any sanitation, sanitary, sewer or maintenance district or municipality which may provide the subdivision with water, sanitation, sewer or maintenance service.  (Ord. 375 §12.2, 1965).

17.40.030 Issuance of work stop order.

In the event that the county engineer or his authorized agent shall decide that such work is not proceeding pursuant to approved plans and specifications, he may order such work stopped, and shall inform the subdivider of the reasons therefor and the corrective measures necessary to resume work.  Any improvement work done after a stop order has been issued as herein provided shall be deemed to be a violation of this title.  (Ord. 375 §12.3, 1965).