Chapter 17.60


17.60.010    Applicability.

17.60.020    Tentative map--Data.

17.60.030    Tentative map--Subdivider statements.

17.60.040    Additional information.

17.60.010 Applicability.

This procedure shall apply to all subdivisions, parts of subdivisions or any division of land, except as set out in Chapter 17.80.  (Ord. 375 §17.1, 1965).

17.60.020 Tentative map--Data.

The initial action in connection with the making of a subdivision shall be the preparation of a tentative map or maps, which shall comply with Chapters 17.16 through 17.36, inclusive, as to design, and shall include the following data:

A.    A sketch at a minimum scale of one inch equals one thousand feet, indicating the location of the proposed subdivision in relation to the surrounding area or region and showing land use in the surrounding area;

B.    Name and address of record owner and subdivider;

C.    Name and address of surveyor or engineer, or person who prepared said tentative map;

D.    Date, north point (general upon the map) and scale.  Lots or tracts one acre or larger, scale shall be one inch equals two hundred feet.  Lots less than one acre, scale shall be one inch equals one hundred feet.  Maps shall be composed of one or more sheets measuring eighteen inches by twenty-six inches;

E.    Name of all adjacent subdivisions or property owners; location of, names and width of adjacent streets, highways, alleys and ways, together with the type and location of street improvements thereon;

F.    The contour of the land at intervals of not more than five feet; one acre and larger lots, not more than ten feet;

G.    Sufficient data to define the boundaries of the tract, or a legal description of the tract and blue border on reverse side of map to indicate tract boundaries.  Tentative map to show probable units of final map;

H.    Width, approximate location and purpose of all existing and proposed easements;

I.    The width and approximate grade of all streets, highways, alleys and other rights-of-way proposed for dedication; or

J.    The approximate radii of all curves;

K.    All lots numbered consecutively throughout the entire development; the approximate dimensions of all lots; the range of lot areas shall be stated;

L.    The approximate locations of areas subject to inundation by storm water overflow; the approximate location of existing or proposed lakes, ponds, springs or reservoirs.  The location, width and direction of flow of all watercourses, existing and proposed, shall also be shown.

M.    The location and outline to scale of each building or structure within the subdivision, noting thereon whether or not such building or structure is to be removed from or remain in the development of the subdivision, and its future use;

N.    Show minimum elevation above sea level and approximate elevation at street intersections;

O.    The location of existing fences, wells, cesspools, sewers, culverts, drain pipes, easements and rights-of-way, underground structures or sand, gravel or other excavations within two hundred feet of any portion of the subdivision, noting thereon whether they are to be abandoned or used.  (Ord. 438 §1, 1970; Ord. 375 §17.3, 1965).

17.60.030 Tentative map--Subdivider statements.

Accompanying the tentative map shall be statements by the subdivider as follows:

A.    Statement as to existing zoning and intention of subdivider to apply for applicable zoning prior to the submission of the final map;

B.    Statement as to intention of subdivider in regard to improvements to be constructed by him, as required in Chapters 17.40 through 17.48, and other laws of the county;

C.    Statement as to front yard depths and building lines;

D.    Proposed source of water supply and sewage disposal, indicating whether or not Chapter 17.44 can be complied with;

E.    Proposed public areas to be dedicated or scenic easements proposed;

F.    Statement as to development of lots (whether for sale as lots or fully developed house and lot).  (Ord. 375 §17.4, 1965).

17.60.040 Additional information.

A copy of any condition, restrictive reservation or covenant existing or proposed shall be attached to the above statement.  (Ord. 375 §17.5, 1965).