Chapter 17.72


17.72.010    Time limit.

17.72.040    Scale--Size of sheets.

17.72.050    Numbering.

17.72.060    Title placement.

17.72.070    Subtitle--Reference to previous recording or survey.

17.72.080    Information to be included.

17.72.090    Traverse sheets.

17.72.100    Guarantee of title.

17.72.110    Improvement agreement.

17.72.120    Certificate showing no unpaid taxes.

17.72.130    Taxes not yet payable.

17.72.140    Taxes--Security for payment.

17.72.150    Completion.

17.72.160    Filing with clerk.

17.72.010 Time limit.

An approved or conditionally approved tentative map shall expire thirty-six months after its approval or conditional approval.  However, extensions of such time limit may be obtained upon application by the subdivider in the manner specified in Government Code Section 66452.6, subsection (e).  (Ord. 1402 §3, 1996).

17.72.040 Scale--Size of sheets.

The final plan or map shall be made to a scale large enough to show the details clearly, minimum scale of one hundred feet to the inch or larger, using more than one sheet if necessary to furnish the desired space.  The original shall be drawn in black ink upon tracing cloth of good quality and the size of the sheets shall be eighteen inches by twenty-six inches.  All sheets shall have a one-inch margin on all borders.  (Ord. 375 §23.1, 1965).

17.72.050 Numbering.

Each sheet shall be numbered, the relation of one sheet to another clearly shown, and the number of sheets used in the map shall be set forth in the title of said map.  If more than two sheets are necessary for the map, an index map shall be required.  (Ord. 375 §23.2, 1965).

17.72.060 Title placement.

The title of each such final map shall be conspicuously placed at the lower right-hand corner of the sheet followed by the words, "consisting of sheets" (showing the number thereof), followed by the words, "Lying within the County of Amador." (Ord. 375 §23.3, 1965).

17.72.070 Subtitle--Reference to previous recording or survey.

The title sheet shall also contain a subtitle giving a general description of the property being subdivided by reference to maps which have been previously recorded or by reference to the plat of any U.S. survey.  Each reference in such description, to any tract or subdivision, shall be spelled out and worded identically with the original record thereof and references to book and page of record must be complete.  (Ord. 375 §23.4, 1965).

17.72.080 Information to be included.

The final map shall show the following:

A.    Boundaries and Streets.  The exterior boundaries of the property (shown in blue); the border lines and centerlines of all proposed streets and alleys and their widths and names; any other portions intended to be dedicated to the public use.  In case of branching streets, the line of departure from one street to another shall be indicated;

B.    Adjacent Streets.  The lines of all adjoining properties; the lines of adjacent streets and alleys, showing their widths and names;

C.    Lot Lines and Numbers.  All lot lines, and numbers for all lots, building lines, easements and their purposes.  All lots are to be numbered consecutively throughout the subdivision, starting with the number one, except units of a total development, which shall be numbered consecutively throughout the development;

D.    Dimensions.  All dimensions, both linear and angular, for locating boundaries of subdivisions, lots, streets and alley lines, easements and building lines.  The linear dimensions shall be expressed in feet and hundredths of a foot;

E.    Monuments.  All permanent monuments, together with their descriptions showing fully and clearly their location and size, and if any points were reset by ties, that fact shall be stated;

F.    Title and Description.  Title and description of property being subdivided, showing its location and extent, points of compass, scale of plan, basis of bearing and name of subdivider and of engineer or surveyor platting the tract;

G.    Flood Areas.  The boundaries of any areas within the proposed subdivision which are subject to periodic inundation by water;

H.    Private Restrictions.  Any private restrictions shall be shown on the plat or reference to them thereon; and the plats shall contain proper acknowledgment of owners and mortgagees accepting said platting and restrictions;

I.    City Boundaries.  City boundaries which adjoin the subdivision shall be clearly designated and located in relation to adjacent lot or block lines.  No lot shall be divided by a city, county or special district boundary line;

J.    Setback Lines.  Setback lines shall be shown as fine dotted lines;

K.    Access Rights.  Title sheet shall indicate where vehicular access rights have been surrendered on arterial or collector streets;

L.    Certificates and Acknowledgments.  The following certificates and acknowledgments shall appear on the title sheet of all final maps, in forms acceptable to the county:

1.    Certificate of surveyor or engineer who prepared the map, with his licensed land surveyor’s number or registered engineer’s number,

2.    Owner’s certificate and acknowledgment, and any offer of dedication,

3.    Certificate of approval by the county tax collector,

4.    Certificate of approval by the county surveyor,

5.    Certificate for execution by the county clerk stating that the board of supervisors approves the final map and accepts the offers of dedication.  (Ord. 375 §24.1, 1965).

17.72.090 Traverse sheets.

The following additional material shall be submitted with the final map:

Traverse Sheets.  The subdivider shall furnish the county surveyor traverse sheets prepared by a registered civil engineer or licensed surveyor, showing the mathematical closure within one foot to five thousand feet perimeter of the exterior boundary of the tract and of each block within the tract and each irregular lot.  (Ord. 375 §25.1(part), 1965).

17.72.100 Guarantee of title.

The subdivider shall furnish to the county a guarantee of title or letter from a competent title company, certifying that the names of all persons whose consent is necessary to pass a clear title to the land being subdivided and all acknowledgments thereto appear on the proper certificates and are correctly shown on said map, both as to consents as to the making thereof and affidavits of dedication where necessary.  Such guarantee shall be issued for the benefit of the county and protection of the board of supervisors and shall be continued complete up to the instant of recording.  (Ord. 375 §25.102, 1965).

17.72.110 Improvement agreement.

The subdivider shall file an agreement for all improvements as herein required, and as may be further required by the board of supervisors or by law, and shall secure the performance thereof by a good and sufficient surety bond executed by a responsible surety company to be approved by said board, or an instrument of credit approved by said board of supervisors; or in lieu of such surety bond, instrument of credit or a cash deposit, which bond, instrument of credit or cash deposit shall be in an amount equal to the cost of the improvement as estimated by the county engineer or by the board of supervisors; provided, however, that the subdivider may, at his option, in lieu of such agreement and bond or cash deposit, enter into a contract with the board of supervisors, secured by a faithful performance bond or cash deposit in the manner and condition as provided by Section 11612 of the Business and Professions Code of California and all other laws applicable thereto.  (Ord. 375 §25.103, 1965).

17.72.120 Certificate showing no unpaid taxes.

Prior to the filing of the final map or parcel map, the subdivider shall, in accordance with procedures established by the county, file with the county recorder a certificate or statement from the county tax collector showing that, according to the records of that office, there are no liens against the subdivision, or any part thereof, for unpaid state, county, municipal or local taxes or special assessments collected as taxes, except taxes or special assessments not yet payable.  (Ord. 1664 §1, 2007:  Ord. 375 §25.104, 1965).

17.72.130 Taxes not yet payable.

Whenever any part of the subdivision is subject to a lien for taxes or special assessments collected as taxes that are not yet payable, the final map or parcel map shall not be recorded until the owner or subdivider files with the county tax collector a certificate or statement prepared by the county assessor giving his or her estimate of those taxes or assessments.  (Ord. 1664 §2, 2007:  Ord. 375 §25.105, 1965).

17.72.140 Taxes--Security for payment.

Whenever any part of the subdivision is subject to a lien for taxes or special assessments collected as taxes that are not yet payable, the final map or parcel map shall not be recorded until the owner or subdivider files with the county tax collector security, in the form of a cash deposit, conditioned upon the payment of all state, county, municipal and local taxes and the current installment of principal and interest of all special assessments collected as taxes, which at the time the final map is recorded are a lien against the property, but which are not yet payable.  The county tax collector shall draw upon the cash deposit to pay the taxes or special assessments when they are payable.  (Ord. 1664 §3, 2007:  Ord. 375 §25.106, 1965).

17.72.150 Completion.

A final map shall be considered complete for filing when it complies with Sections 17.72.090 through 17.72.140 and is accompanied with the statements, agreements, cash and/or bonds required.  (Ord. 375 §26.1, 1965).

17.72.160 Filing with clerk.

The subdivider shall file the following with the county clerk:

A.    Recording Fee.  Three blueline copies, original tracing on linen; boundary traverse map, approved improvement plans; and all fees required by this code.  Said map shall be accompanied by traverse sheets showing the closure within allowable limits of the exterior boundaries and of each irregular block and lot;

B.    Title guarantee, deed restrictions, improvement agreement and bond, if not previously filed.  (Ord. 772 §3, 1981; Ord. 375 §26.2, 1965).


    For statutory provisions relating to final subdivision maps, see Bus. & Prof. Code §§11554, 11555 and 11565 et seq.