Chapter 17.76


17.76.010    County surveyor certification.

17.76.020    Board of supervisors--Consideration.

17.76.030    Board of supervisors--Approval or disapproval.

17.76.040    Time limit extension.

17.76.050    Recording.

17.76.010 County surveyor certification.

The following functions shall be acted upon within twenty days after filing:

A.    The county clerk shall transmit to the county surveyor, two blueline copies, the approved improvement plans, and traverse sheets.  The county surveyor shall examine the copies of the final map.

If he determines that the surveys are correct and that said map is technically correct, substantially conforms to the tentative map and any approved alteration thereof, and to the provisions of this title and the state law, he shall so certify on said map and transmit the same to the county clerk.  If he finds that full conformity has not been made, he shall so advise the subdivider in writing and afford him an opportunity to make the necessary changes.

B.    When filing is completed and approved as outlined, the county clerk shall transmit the following as provided by the subdivider:  An original linen or one duplicate transparency on film suitable for reproduction, with all accompanying statements, agreements, cash and/or bonds required (and the recording fee) to the board of supervisors for consideration.  (Ord. 375 §27.1, 1965).

17.76.020 Board of supervisors--Consideration.

The board of supervisors at its next meeting, or within ten days after the presentation of the above material by the county clerk, shall consider said map, the plan of subdivision and the offers of dedication.  The board of supervisors shall accept, accept subject to improvement, or reject any or all offers of dedication.  If improvements required under the terms of this title or by law have not been completed, the board of supervisors shall provide for such improvements by approving an agreement with the subdivider for posting a bond or cash deposit as provided herein, or require the subdivider to enter into a contract with the county upon mutually agreeable terms to thereafter initiate and consummate proceedings under an appropriate special assessment act for the financing and installation of all required improvements.  When the agreement and bond or cash deposit, or contract, have been approved by the county counsel as to form, and by the county engineer or board of supervisors as to sufficiency, the board may consider the final map.  (Ord. 375 §28.1, 1965).

17.76.030 Board of supervisors--Approval or disapproval.

After the board of supervisors determines that said map is in conformity to the requirements of this title, it shall approve said map by resolution.  In case the board of supervisors determines that said map is not in conformity with the requirements of this title, it shall disapprove said map, specifying reasons therefor and advising the subdivider of such disapproval.  Within ninety days thereafter the subdivider shall file with the county clerk a map altered to meet with approval of the board of supervisors and shall conform with the procedures specified herein.  (Ord. 375 §28.2, 1965).

17.76.040 Time limit extension.

The time limit for the approval of the final map may be extended by mutual consent of the subdivider and the board of supervisors.  (Ord. 375 §28.201, 1965).

17.76.050 Recording.

The county clerk, after approval by the board of supervisors and after signatures and seals have been affixed, shall transmit the final map and duplicate tracing, accompanied by the necessary recording fee, to the county recorder.  No map shall have any force or effect, until it has been approved by the board of supervisors and no title to any property described in any offer of dedication shall pass until recordation of the final map.  No building permit shall be issued until recordation of the final map.  (Ord. 375 §29.1, 1965).