Chapter 19.04


19.04.010    Plan adopted.

19.04.020    Purpose.

19.04.030    Intent.

19.04.040    Compliance.

19.04.010 Plan adopted.

There is adopted a zoning plan for the county, said zoning plan being a districting plan as provided by law.  (Ord. 351 §1, 1962).

19.04.020 Purpose.

Said zoning plan, is adopted to promote and protect the public health, safety, peace, morals, comfort, convenience and general welfare, and for the accomplishment thereof is adopted, among other purposes for the following more particularly specified purposes:

A. To assist in providing a definite plan of development for the county, and to guide, control and regulate the future growth of the county, in accordance with said plan;

B. To protect the character and the social and economic stability of agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial and other areas within the county and to assure the orderly and beneficial development of such areas;

C. To obviate the menace of the public safety resulting from the location of buildings and the uses thereof, and of land adjacent to highways which are a part of the streets and highways plan of the county, or which are important thoroughfares, in such manner as to cause interference with existing or prospective traffic movements on said highways. (Ord. 351 §2, 1962).

19.04.030 Intent.

Said zoning plan consists of the establishment of various districts within unincorporated territory of said county within some, all or none of which it shall be lawful, and within some, all or none of which it shall be unlawful to erect, construct, alter or maintain certain buildings or to carry on certain trades or occupations or to conduct certain uses of land or of buildings; within which the height and bulk of future buildings shall be limited; within which certain open spaces shall be required about future buildings and consisting further, of appropriate regulations to be enforced in such districts, all as set forth in this title. (Ord. 351 §3, 1962).

19.04.040 Compliance.

No building or structure shall be erected, reconstructed or structurally altered in any manner, nor shall any building or land be used for any purpose, other than as permitted by and in conformance with this title and all ordinances, laws and maps referred to herein. Actual regulations for each district designated on the sectional maps shall be as set forth in subsequent chapters herein. (Ord. 351 §7, 1962).