Chapter 19.12


19.12.010    Established.

19.12.010 Established.

The several districts established and into which the county may divide are designated as follows:

U District--Unclassified District

X District--Special Use District

R-1 District--Single Family Residential District

R-2 District--Low Density Multiple Family Residential District

R-3 District--High Density Multiple Family Residential District

C-1 District--Retail Commercial and Office District

C-2 District--Heavy Commercial District

M District--Manufacturing District

LM District--Light Manufacturing District

MM District--Medium Manufacturing District

A District--Agricultural District

AG District--Exclusive Agriculture District

H District--Highway Commercial - Recreation District

T-1 District--Trailer-Camp District

T-2 District--Mobilehome Park-Camp District

B District--Combining Lot Size District

RE District--Residential Estate District

R-2A District--Two-Acre Residential District

TPZ District--Timberland Preserve Zone

PD District--Planned Development District

MR District--Mineral Resources District

R1-A District--Single-Family Residential-Agricultural District

-DR District--Combining Design Review District

O-S District--Open Space District.

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