Chapter 19.28


19.28.010    Designated.

19.28.020    Permitted with use permit.

19.28.010 Designated.

The following uses shall be allowed in any district:

A.    Public parks and playgrounds;

B.    Public schools, when the site has been approved by the planning commission;

C.    Accessory buildings in accordance with Section 19.48.115 of this title;

D.    Uses normally incidental to permitted uses.  (Ord. 985 §5, 1984).

19.28.020 Permitted with use permit.

Provided that a use permit is first obtained, the following uses shall be allowed in any district unless otherwise prohibited elsewhere in this title:

A.    Private academic schools offering accredited curricula;

B.    Private non-profit recreational facilities;

C.    Public building and uses;

D.    Airports and heliports;

E.    Cemeteries;

F.    Commercial radio and television transmission towers;

G.    Clubs, lodges and fraternal organizations;

H.    Dumps and garbage disposal sites;

I.    Churches;

J.    Bed and breakfast inns;

K.    Commercial wireless service facilities pursuant to Section 19.48.150.  (Ord. 1698 §2, 2010:  Ord. 1548 §2, 2002:  Ord. 1439 §2, 1997:  Ord. 1036 §3, 1985).