Chapter 19.36


19.36.010    Regulations.

19.36.010 Regulations.

Off-street parking shall be supplied on the premises, for any use, according to the following formula:

A.    One and two-tenths spaces for every residential unit in any hotel, motel, recreational trailer park, campground.

B.    One space for every two hundred square feet of gross floor area in any retail or service establishment, bank.

C.    One space for every three hundred square feet of gross floor area in any office, or personal or business service establishment.

D.    One and one-half spaces for every bed in any hospital; one space for every four beds in any rest home, sanitarium.  Additionally, one space for every one hundred seventy square feet of gross floor area of the building.  Emergency vehicle parking shall be in addition to these medical facility parking requirements.

E.    One parking space for every four seats in any restaurant, bar, or cafe, except that fast-food establishments with and without drive-up service, or any other high volume food service establishment as determined by the planning department, shall use the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Parking Generation Guidelines to determine the required amount of parking spaces.

F.    Three parking spaces for every lane in a bowling alley.

G.    One space for every six seats in any church, hall or place of public assembly.

H.    One space for every classroom in any school.

I.    One space for every five hundred square feet of gross building area used for wholesale storage or manufacturing purpose.

J.    One space for every one thousand square feet of lot area, outside a building, occupied by any allowed use, not to include parking and loading areas, driveways and landscaping.  This section shall not apply to campgrounds, trailer or mobilehome parks.

K.    Two spaces, which includes garage spaces, for every single-family residence, apartment and every unit in any mobilehome park.

L.    Handicapped parking spaces shall be provided in accordance with state building codes.

M.    The planning commission shall fix the parking requirements for any use not listed herein, using the requirements of this section as a guide.

N.    A parking space shall mean an area of not less than nine feet in width and the length determined by the parking lot dimensions table, attached to the ordinance codified in this section and on file in the office of the clerk of the board, located off any public or private right-of-way so that it is usable and accessible at all times for the parking of standard size automobiles.  Stacking is allowed.

O.    Maximum width of encroachments for residential uses shall be twenty-four feet.  Maximum widths of encroachments for other uses shall be thirty-five feet.  Encroachments on one property shall be separated by not less than twenty feet.

P.    Minimum parking and driveways areas in commercial zone districts shall be paved for dust suppression.  (Ord. 1659 §2, 2007; Ord. 1371 §2, 1994:  Ord. 358 §7, 1963:  Ord. 351 §10.300, 1962).