Chapter 2.10


2.10.010    Created.

2.10.020    Functions.

2.10.030    Community planner--Appointment--Salary.

2.10.040    Community planner--Duties.

2.10.010 Created.

There is created in the government of the city a department of planning which shall be under the supervision of the community planner. (Ord. 323 §60(part), 1992)

2.10.020 Functions.

The functions of the department of planning shall be to organize all materials and efforts required for the development, maintenance, implementation and administration of a long-term general plan for the city and to develop and administer all other planning and zoning functions within the city as specified by the city administrator. (Ord. 323 §60(part), 1992)

2.10.030 Community planner--Appointment--Salary.

The community planner shall be appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the city council and shall be paid such salary as may be fixed by the council. (Ord. 323 §60(part), 1992

2.10.040 Community planner--Duties.

Subject to the supervision of the city administrator, the community planner shall have and perform the following duties:

A.    Organize, manage and direct the planning program for the city;

B.    Conduct studies and prepare maps, charts, reports and recommendations for the city administrator, council and planning commission pertaining to elements of the general plan and related activities;

C.    Develop and maintain a comprehensive system of maps, charts, pertinent statistics, reports and records which will provide ready and up-to-date information on the status of the general plan and each of its elements;

D.    Prepare and submit to, the city administrator and the planning commission, as soon as practicable after June 30th each year, a summarized report of the activities of the department of, planning for the preceding year, together with such recommendations pertaining to the future as may be necessary or useful in the development or administration of the general plan;

E.    Prepare and submit to the city administrator, by May 1st of each year, a budget for the following fiscal year covering the revenues and expenditures of the planning commission and the department of planning;

F.    Advise and meet with the planning commission in the performance of their official functions;

G.    Conduct zoning enforcement actions to assure compliance with the provisions of the municipal code;

H.    Assist the planning commission in carrying out its role as the historical district review committee as stated in Section 17.45.090 of this code;

I.    Organize, manage and direct the environment review process for the city in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act;

J.    Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the city administrator. (Ord. 323 §60(part), 1992)