Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Established.

2.16.020    Composition.

2.16.030    Officer election.

2.16.040    Duties of chief.

2.16.050    Enforcement of fire hazard laws and ordinances.

2.16.060    Annual report to council.

2.16.070    Appointment and compensation of chief.

2.16.080    Police to assist department.

2.16.090    Violation--Penalty.

2.16.100    Fire service fees--Established by resolution.

2.16.010 Established.

A volunteer fire department, hereinafter known as the "Angels Camp Volunteer Fire Department," a nonprofit organization, the object of which shall be the prevention and extinguishment of fires, and the protection of life and property within the limits of the city of Angels, is created and recognized. (Ord. 246 §1, 1981)

2.16.020 Composition.

The fire department shall consist of a chief, his designated officers and companies. (Ord. 246 §2(1), 1981)

2.16.030 Officer election.

The department shall elect its own officers according to the bylaws of the department. (Ord. 246 §2(2), 1981)

2.16.040 Duties of chief.

The duties of the chief shall be as so stated in the job description. (Ord. 246 §2(3), 1981)

2.16.050 Enforcement of fire hazard laws and ordinances.

The building official, or any member of the department designated by the building official, is empowered to enforce all city ordinances and laws of the state of California regarding the abatement of fire hazards to real property and structures thereon. (Ord. 389, 2002: Ord. 246 §3(1), 1981)

2.16.060 Annual report to council.

The chief shall make an annual report to the council on the operation of the volunteer fire department, such report to include comparative data for previous years and recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the department. (Ord. 246 §3(2), 1981)

2.16.070 Appointment and compensation of chief.

The position of the fire chief shall be appointed by the city council, and that person so appointed shall be compensated at a rate to be determined by the city council. (Ord. 246 §4, 1981)

2.16.080 Police to assist department.

It is made the special duty of the chief of police and the other officers of the city police department who may be on duty and available for fire duty to respond to all fire alarms and assist the department in the protection of life and property, in regulating traffic, maintaining order and enforcing observance of all sections of this chapter. (Ord. 246 §5, 1981)

2.16.090 Violation--Penalty.

If no other penalty is provided for the violation of the provisions of this chapter, then those violations for which no other penalty is provided shall constitute an infraction. Every person convicted of an infraction for a violation of this chapter shall be punished upon a first conviction by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars, and for a second, conviction within a period of one year by a fine of not exceeding one hundred dollars, and for a third or any subsequent conviction within a period of two years by a fine not exceeding two hundred fifty dollars. (Ord. 246 §6, 1981)

2.16.100 Fire service fees--Established by resolution.

For providing review, plan checking, on-site inspections, change in use and other services required in conducting the course of fire prevention, the city establishes fees to be charged for such services. Fees are adopted by resolution and are based upon the cost or type of service provided. The following types of permits or inspections are included:

A.    Underground tank removal or installation;

B.    Blasting or use of explosives;

C.    Controlled burns of large areas;

D.    Fireworks stand;

E.    Fumigation;

F.    Fuel storage tanks (aboveground);

G.    Inspections required by the state for child care facilities;

H.    Specific uses where under a use permit condition of approval. (Ord. 315 §1, 1991)