Chapter 2.32


2.32.010  Finding.

2.32.020  Established--Procedure.

2.32.010 Finding.

In enacting the ordinance codified in this chapter, the city finds that it is necessary for preservation of the public health and welfare of the city that the city make project applicants responsible to pay costs associated with development project review and consideration and not the city, whose revenues are limited and needed for broader public purposes. (Ord. 308 §2, 1990)

2.32.020 Established--Procedure.

A. In addition to any other charges established by ordinances, resolutions, fees and regulations of the city, there shall be fees collected for the costs incurred by the city for obtaining necessary planning, engineering and legal consultation for the purpose of development application processing and for the administration costs incurred therein.

B. Applicants requesting city approval of site plans, use permits, variances, zoning changes, general plan amendments, major and minor subdivision maps, parcel maps, annexations and development agreements shall be required, at the time an application is submitted to the city, to pay a nonrefundable administration fee. When the application is accepted as complete the applicant shall then deposit a city-determined estimate of costs to process the application. This estimate will be based upon the amount of time anticipated for consultant services and for any city services required beyond standard administrative costs. Should the funds deposited by the applicant to cover costs be expended, the applicant is required to deposit additional funds for the application process to continue. Funds on deposit and not expended will be refundable to the applicant within thirty days of project completion.

C. The rate for said services shall be set by resolution. Charges by the planning, engineering and legal consultants will be billed to the city on a monthly basis. Bills will include an itemized listing of the dates and hours spent on specific tasks. The city will be responsible to collect appropriate fees from the applicant and pay the planning, engineering and legal consultants accordingly. Any default on payment by the applicant will result in delay, denial or termination of the application and possible collection proceedings. (Ord. 308 §1, 1990)