Chapter 2.44


2.44.010  Generally.

2.44.010 Generally.

From time to time there exists a need to establish boards known as advisory boards of the city of Angels. To the extent feasible, the composition of the boards should reflect a cross section of the city population in terms of age, sex, economic status and ethnic background. All boards appointed shall consist of five members, and the following guidelines are set forth in regard to said boards:

A. Each board member shall serve at the pleasure of the city council and shall be appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of the city council. Terms of initial members shall be staggered; three shall serve two-year terms and two shall serve three-year terms unless said terms are terminated earlier as herein set forth. Thereafter, all board members shall serve for three year terms unless terminated earlier as herein set forth. All board members shall be registered voters and live within the city limits of the city of Angels.

B. Establishment of an Advisory Board. The city administrator shall advertise for applicants in the manner that the city administrator deems appropriate. The advertisement shall set up a procedure for interviewing each applicant for appointment, and said interview committee shall consist of two members of the city council and the city administrator.

C. Vacancy or Removal. Notwithstanding the term of office, any board member may, removed at any time by affirmative vote of three members of the city council. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the city council for the unexpired portion of the term. Furthermore, vacancies shall exist upon the declaration of the city council that such a vacancy exists.

D. Meetings. All boards shall hold regular meetings not less than once a calendar month, except that special meetings may be held as deemed necessary by said board.

E. Organization of Board. The board shall elect a chairman and vice chairman, and the city administrator shall be the secretary of the board and shall keep minutes and furnish all necessary and reasonable assistance to each board. Each board shall adopt their own rules of order and procedures as may be necessary and shall establish a regular meeting date.

F. Functions and Responsibilities. Each board shall hold the responsibilities and perform the functions as are generally set forth by the city council. During the course of each board’s creation, each board shall prepare studies and reports as requested by the city council and/or city administrator, do research as requested by the city council and/or city administrator, and address other matters as requested by the city council and/or city administrator.

G. Compensation. All board members shall serve on a voluntary basis without compensation. However, board members will be reimbursed for valid business expenses incurred on official city business. (Ord. 336, 1944)