Sec. 4600 General Provisions.

A.    The Arcata City Council calls upon all City residents, visitors and all City departments and employees to speak out against acts of bullying, discrimination and hate violence and to stand up for those who are targeted for such acts.

B.    The Arcata City Council opposes deportations based solely on immigration status which split up families, and calls upon the federal government to promptly legislate a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and to refrain from deportations of immigrants who have not been convicted of felonies endangering the community, until such time as the U.S. Congress does legislate such a pathway. (Ord. 1490, eff. 7/7/2017)

Sec. 4601 Use of City Resources.

A.    City of Arcata resources shall not be used by the federal government to create a registry based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or national origin.

B.    City departments shall not collect immigration-related information and shall ensure nondiscriminatory access to City benefits and services, except as necessary for employment purposes or otherwise consistent with this Chapter.

C.    The City shall track annually requests regarding detainer and notification requests from the federal government for monitoring purposes.

D.    City employees, including members of the Arcata Police Department, shall not enforce federal civil immigration laws and shall not use City monies, resources or personnel to investigate, question, detect, detain or apprehend persons solely on the basis of a possible violation of immigration law. (Ord. 1490, eff. 7/7/2017)

Sec. 4602 Arcata Police Department Practices.

A.    Absent a judicial warrant, Arcata Police Department should honor federal immigration detainer requests only in cases of serious and/or violent felonies.

B.    Consistent with Government Code Section 7283.1, Arcata Police Department should not provide federal immigration authorities with access to individuals in their custody for questioning solely for civil immigration enforcement purposes unless the individual voluntarily agrees to the interview and signs the written consent.

C.    Arcata Police Department shall protect the due process rights of persons as to whom federal immigration enforcement requests have been made, including providing those persons with appropriate notice.

D.    The Arcata Police Department shall not collaborate or share immigration-related information with federal immigration authorities unless required by federal or state law. (Ord. 1490, eff. 7/7/2017)

Sec. 4603 Practices of Other City Departments.

A.    In order to ensure that eligible individuals are not deterred from seeking services or engaging with City agencies, all City departments shall review their confidentiality policies and identify any changes necessary to ensure that information collected from individuals is limited to that necessary to perform agency duties and is not used or disclosed for any other purpose. Any necessary changes to those policies shall be made as expeditiously as possible.

B.    The Arcata City Council welcomes opportunities to partner with Humboldt County, other local cities, organizations and businesses to support legislation that supports and defends these populations. (Ord. 1490, eff. 7/7/2017)