(Ord. 1247, eff. 3/23/96; Ord. 1318, eff. 2/2/2001)


Sec. 10800 Plaza Defined. (Ord. 1318, eff. 2/02/2001)

As used in this Chapter, the Plaza is defined as that area located in Arcata and bordered by 8th Street to the south, 9th Street to the north, H Street to the west and G Street to the east. The Plaza boundary extends to the centerlines of 8th and 9th Streets, and across G and H Streets and their respective sidewalks to the storefronts on G and H Streets.

Sec. 10805 Sign Posted.

Notice of the regulations adopted by this Ordinance shall be posted in a conspicuous location on the Plaza.


Sec. 10810 Drug Free Zone Declared.

In accordance with California Health and Safety Code Section 11380.5, the Plaza is hereby declared to be a Drug Free Zone.

Sec. 10815 Effect of Declaration.

The effect of declaring the Plaza a Drug Free Zone is to enhance sentencing penalties for persons convicted of possession for sale or the sale of controlled substances as specified in Health and Safety Code Section 11380.5.

Sec. 10820 Expiration of Drug Free Zone Declaration.

In accordance with Health and Safety Code Section 11380.5(f), the Drug Free Zone declaration shall remain in effect until January 1, 1998, and as of that date is repealed, unless an extension is authorized by the California State Legislature.


Sec. 10825 Findings and Purposes.

The Plaza provides a place for use and enjoyment by all members of the community. However, broken glass arising from glass containers brought onto the Plaza grounds presents a serious threat of harm for all Plaza users, particularly small children. The great bulk of broken glass is from alcoholic beverage containers. The purpose of this Ordinance is to eliminate the threat of injury to Plaza users by prohibiting the presence of glass containers, and to thereby enhance the peaceful use and enjoyment of the Plaza for all community members.

Sec. 10830 Prohibition against glass containers.

It is hereby declared unlawful to possess glass alcoholic beverage containers on the Plaza.

Sec. 10835 Exception.

Notwithstanding the prohibition in Section 10830, it shall not be unlawful to possess glass containers on the Plaza when a permit has been issued by the City Council or its designated representative, which specifically authorizes the use of glass containers for a particular event or activity.