Title 17


Division I. Offenses By or Against Public Officers and Government

17.01    Police Dogs

Division II. Offenses Against the Person

17.06    Smoking Regulations

Division III. Offenses Against Public Decency

17.12    Gambling

17.16    Entertainment and Amusement Places – Business Hours

17.18    Public Nudity

Division IV. Offenses Against Public Peace

17.24    Parades

17.25    Commercial Residential Parties

17.26    Loitering by Criminal Street Gangs

17.28    Local Regulation of Sex Offenders

Division V. Offenses Against Property

17.30    Injury to Property

17.32    Gate Crashing

17.34    Shopping Cart – Removal and Abandonment

17.35    Alcoholic Beverages – Off-Sale Licensed Premises

17.36    Obstruction of Public Right-of-Way

17.38    Trespassing

Division VI. Consumer Protection

17.44    Astrology and the Occult

17.46    Handbills

17.50    Soliciting

Division VII. Offenses By or Against Minors

17.56    Curfew

Division VIII. Weapons

17.62    Firearms – Furnishing to or Use by Minors

17.64    Discharging Weapons

17.66    Missiles

17.68    Repealed