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Chapter 3.24


3.24.010    Findings and purposes of provisions.

3.24.020    Established--Powers and duties transferred when.

3.24.030    Membership--Appointments--Organization and officers.

3.24.050    List of structures and sites--To be established and maintained--Contents.

3.24.060    List of structures and sites--Landmarks, historic districts and structures of merit designated--Permit application review.

3.24.070    Powers and duties generally.

3.24.080    Permit application--Suspension authorized when.

3.24.090    Annual report required.

3.24.100    Landmarks, historic districts and structures of merit--Designation--Procedures required--Control and standards.

3.24.110    Landmarks, historic districts and structures of merit--Designation--Criteria for consideration.

3.24.120    Landmarks, historic districts and structures of merit--Designation--Initiation procedures.

3.24.130    Designation proposal--Public hearing--Required--Recordkeeping.

3.24.140    Designation proposal--Public hearing notice requirements.

3.24.150    Designation proposal--Time limit for determination.

3.24.160    Designation proposal--Notice of decision required.

3.24.170    Designation proposal--Disapproved--Waiting period for resubmission.

3.24.180    Landmarks, historic districts and structures of merit--Designation--Recording required--Termination of designation.

3.24.190    Council certification authorized when--Effect.

3.24.200    Landmarks, historic districts and structures of merit--Construction, alteration or modification--Approval required.

3.24.210    Review of permit applications.

3.24.220    Permit application--Data and public hearing required--Exceptions.

3.24.230    Permit application--Public hearing notice requirements.

3.24.240    Permit application--Decision--Procedure and time limitations--Notification required.

3.24.250    Permit application--Effect of suspended action.

3.24.260    Permit application--Review standards and criteria.

3.24.270    Permit application--Finding of hardship authorized when--Effect.

3.24.280    Landmarks, historic districts or structures of merit--Unsafe or dangerous conditions--Effect.

3.24.290    Landmarks, historic districts and structures of merit--Good repair and maintenance required.

3.24.300    Appeals--Procedures required--City Council authority.

3.24.310    Advice and guidance to property owners.

3.24.320    Property owned by public agencies--Cooperation--Consultation and report requirements.

3.24.330    Other procedures authorized.

3.24.340    Landmarks, historic districts or structures of merit--Filing fees required when.

3.24.350    Applicability of provisions.

3.24.360    Enforcement--Exemption for financial hardship when.

3.24.370    Enforcement--Inspection services authority.

3.24.380    Enforcement--Methods authorized.

3.24.390    Violation--Penalty.

*Note: Chapter 3.24 was repealed and reenacted by Ord. 6958-N.S. (adopted December 12, 2006). Ord. 6958-N.S. was suspended as a result of a referendum petition on Thursday, January 11, 2007. The code text in place prior to Ord. 6958-N.S. adoption is in effect. Please refer to the City Clerk Department for additional information.