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Chapter 9.04


9.04.005    Definitions.

9.04.010    Business.

9.04.015    Sale--Sell.

9.04.020    Engaging in business.

9.04.025    Gross receipts.

9.04.026    Subcontractors.

9.04.030    Occasional recreational, sporting or entertainment events.

9.04.035    License required.

9.04.040    Separate license for each place of business.

9.04.045    License fee a tax--Does not permit business otherwise prohibited.

9.04.050    Interstate commerce.

9.04.055    Contents of license.

9.04.060    Identification card.

9.04.065    Annual license.

9.04.070    Declaration statement required for license and amended tax and renewal for new business.

9.04.075    Fee for first license--New business registration.

9.04.080    Declaration, additional statement by contractors for first, renewal or transferred license.

9.04.085    Declaration--Not conclusive.

9.04.095    Transfer of license--Procedure.

9.04.100    License to be conspicuously posted--Exception.

9.04.105    Lost license.

9.04.110    Penalty for nonpayment or underpayment of annual license--Accrual of cause of action.

9.04.115    Penalty for nonpayment of a daily license.

9.04.120    Interest.

9.04.125    License a debt.

9.04.130    Conviction for violating ordinance not waiver of license.

9.04.135    Retail trade.

9.04.136    Cannabis businesses.

9.04.140    Grocer, retail or wholesale.

9.04.145    Motor vehicle dealers (new and used).

9.04.150    Wholesale trade.

9.04.155    Exception--Interstate shipments.

9.04.160    Business, personal and repair services.

9.04.165    Professional--Semiprofessional--Connected business.

9.04.170    Entertainment, recreation and amusement connected business.

9.04.175    Professional sports event.

9.04.176    Private refuse haulers.

9.04.177    Firearms and ammunition sales.

9.04.180    Construction contractors.

9.04.185    Manufacturing.

9.04.190    Administrative headquarters.

9.04.195    Rental of real property.

9.04.196    Rental of five or more units of residential real property.

9.04.200    Peddlers and solicitors.

9.04.205    Peddlers and solicitors--Personally manufactured articles or produce.

9.04.210    Handbill distributing.

9.04.215    Automobiles or vehicles for hire.

9.04.220    Miscellaneous business.

9.04.225    Optional method of determining tax.

9.04.230    Minimum tax--Real property rental, certain businesses operated from homes, nonprofit organizations, general.

9.04.235    Flat rates and fees.

9.04.240    Rates--General.

9.04.245    Provision for bad debts.

9.04.250    Enforcement.

9.04.255    Remedies cumulative.

9.04.260    Penalty.

9.04.265    Refund of tax--Penalty or interest paid more than once or erroneously or illegally collected.

9.04.270    Appeals.

9.04.275    Savings clause.

9.04.280    Apportionment.

9.04.285    Examination of books, records, witnesses--Information confidential--Penalty.

9.04.290    Exemption for infirm.

9.04.295    Exemption for warehousing.

9.04.300    Exemption for charitable organizations.

9.04.305    Business license charge on large nonprofit organizations and cannabis businesses.

*For health and sanitation regulations, see Titles 11 and 12 of this code.

For buildings and construction, see Title 19 of this code.

Licensing of bicycles and bicycle establishments, see Ch. 14.68 of this code.