9.04.025 Gross receipts.

"Gross receipts," except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter, means the gross receipts of the preceding fiscal year of the licensee or part thereof, and is defined as follows: the total amount actually received or receivable from all sales; the total amount of compensation actually received or receivable for the performance of any act or service, of whatever nature it may be, for which a charge is made or credit allowed, whether or not such act or service is done as a part of or in connection with the sale of materials, goods, wares or merchandise; and gains realized from trading in stocks or bonds; interest discounts, rents, royalties, fees, commissions, dividends or other emoluments, however designated. Included in "gross receipts" are all receipts, cash, credits and property of any kind or nature, without any deduction therefrom on account of the cost of the property sold, the cost of materials used, labor or service costs, interest paid or payable, or losses or other expenses whatsoever, except that the following are excluded therefrom:

A.    Cash discounts allowed and taken on sales;

B.    Credit allowed on property accepted as part of the purchase price and which property may later be sold, at which time the sales price shall be included as "gross receipts";

C.    Any tax required by law to be included in or added to the purchase price and collected from the consumer or purchaser;

D.    Such part of the sale price of property returned by purchasers upon rescission of a contract of sale as is refunded either in cash or by credit;

E.    Receipts of refundable deposits, except that such deposits when forfeited and taken into income of the business shall not be excluded when in excess of one dollar;

F.    Amounts collected for others where the business is acting as an agent or trustee and to the extent that such amounts are paid to those for whom collected. These agents or trustees must provide the Finance Department with the names and the addresses of the others and the amounts paid to them. This exclusion shall not apply to any fees, percentages, or other payments retained by the agent or trustees;

G.    Cash value of sales, trades or transactions between departments or units of the same business;

H.    Transaction between a partnership and its partners;

I.    Receipts from services or sales in transactions between affiliated corporations. An "affiliated corporation" is a corporation:

1.    The voting and nonvoting stock of which is owned at least eighty percent by such other corporation with which such transaction is had,

2.    Which owns at least eighty percent of the voting and nonvoting stock of such other corporation, or

3.    At least eighty percent of the voting and nonvoting stock of which is owned by a common parent corporation which also has such ownership of the corporation with which such transaction is had;

J.    Receipts derived from the occasional sale of used, obsolete or surplus trade fixtures, machinery or other equipment used by the licensee in the regular course of the licensee’s business. (Ord. 5017-NS § I (part), 1977)