9.04.050 Interstate commerce.

Every peddler, solicitor or other person claiming to be entitled to exemption from the payment of any license provided for in this chapter upon the ground that such license casts an unreasonable burden upon their right to engage in commerce with foreign nations or among the several states, or conflicts with the regulations of the United States Congress respecting interstate commerce, shall file a verified statement with the Finance Department, disclosing the interstate or other character of the business entitling such exemption. Such statement shall state the name and location of the company or firm for which the orders are to be solicited or secured; the name and address of the nearest local or state manager, if any; the kind of goods, wares or merchandise to be delivered; the place from which the same are to be shipped or forwarded; the method of solicitation of taking orders; the location of any warehouse, factory or plant within the state; the method of delivery; the name and location of the residence of the applicant; and any other facts necessary to establish such claim of exemption. A copy of the order blank, contract form or other papers used by such person in taking orders shall be attached to the affidavit for the information of the Finance Department. (Ord. 5017-NS § I (part), 1977)