9.04.110 Penalty for nonpayment or underpayment of annual license--Accrual of cause of action.

A.    Every annual license renewal for which full payment is not received on or before February 28 of each year or, for newly established businesses, within thirty days after commencing business, is declared delinquent. The Finance Department shall thereupon assess and collect a penalty of ten percent of the license so delinquent. If such license renewal is not paid in full on or before April 1st of each year or, for a newly established business, within sixty days following the commencement of the business, a sum of fifty percent of the license shall be added thereto and collected as a penalty.

B.    The City Manager or his or her designee may reduce a 50% penalty to a lesser percentage but not less than 10% if assessment of the 50% penalty resulted from failure of the City to provide a notice of the delinquency dates in this subdivision subsequent to January first of the year in which the delinquency occurs. Decisions under this subdivision are subject to appeal under section 9.04.270. (Ord. 7393-NS § 1, 2015: Ord. 7150-NS § 6, 2010: Ord. 6231-NS § 1, 1994: Ord. 5839-NS § 1 (part), 1987: Ord. 5830-NS § 3, 1987: Ord. 5017-NS § I (part), 1977)