10.04.090 Running at large prohibited.

Except in an area specifically set aside and designated by the City Council as a "dog park", or "off-leash" area no owner/guardian or keeper of a dog shall allow or permit such dog, whether licensed or unlicensed, to be or run at large in or upon any public place or premises, or in or upon any private place or premises other than those of said owner/guardian or keeper except with the consent of the person in charge of said private place or premises, unless such dog is securely restrained by a substantial leash not to exceed six feet in length and is in charge and control. An obedience-trained dog under effective charge and control within six feet of his master shall be deemed to be on a leash. For the purposes of this section, any dog in or upon any motor vehicle shall be deemed to be on the premises of the operator thereof. (Ord. 6627 § 1, 2001: Ord. 5789-NS § 1, 1986: Ord. 4412-NS (part), 1969: Ord. 4372-NS § 9, 1968)