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Chapter 13.36


13.36.010    Obstructing free passage of persons or vehicles in public ways prohibited when.

13.36.015    Creation of accessibility on commercial sidewalks--Related restrictions.

13.36.020    Obstructing entrance to or exit from public or private buildings prohibited when.

13.36.030    Placing obstructing objects prohibited where.

13.36.040    Obstructing City-owned planters and trees.

13.36.045    Unlawful to interfere, disrupt or obstruct authorized work providing a public service on public or private property within or adjacent to the public right-of-way.

13.36.060    Disobedience to orders or rules of Council prohibited.

13.36.065    Violating building security rules for City buildings.

13.36.070    Consumption of alcoholic beverages--In places open to public view prohibited--Exceptions.

13.36.075    Open alcoholic beverage containers.

13.36.080    Consumption of alcoholic beverages--In unlicensed premises prohibited when.

13.36.085    Urination and defecation in public places.

13.36.090    Solicitation of sale of drugs in public places prohibited.

13.36.100    Violation--Penalty.

*For streets and sidewalks generally, see Title 16 of this code.