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Chapter 14.72


14.72.010    Legislative purpose.

14.72.020    Legislative findings.

14.72.030    Definitions.

14.72.040    Permit parking exemption.

14.72.050    Designation of a residential permit parking area.

14.72.060    Modification after designation of a residential permit parking area.

14.72.070    Designation of campus zone--Special regulations.

14.72.080    Issuance of permits.

14.72.090    Residential parking permit.

14.72.100    Local business parking permits.

14.72.105    Neighborhood-serving community facility permits.

14.72.110    Senior event permits.

14.72.115    Visitor permits.

14.72.120    Posting of residential permit parking area.

14.72.130    Parking permit fees.

14.72.140    Penalties, liability and enforcement.

14.72.150    Administrative regulations.

*Editor’s Note: This chapter was editorially renumbered from 14.08 to 14.72 during 1999 recodification.