19.38.030 Standards for structural seismic adequacy.

(a)    All seismic retrofit construction which is commenced after the effective date of this Section shall be constructed in accordance with the performance standard or with the most recent edition of the California Building Code adopted by the City, whichever is more stringent.

(b)    Each person wishing to use the prescriptive standard must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the building official that the building for which the prescriptive standard will be used falls within the definition of a simple building. Forms of documentation may include plans or sketches of the existing building, or a written report from a structural or civil engineer or a licensed architect with building experience.

(c)    Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter, seismic retrofit of any building qualifying as "historical property" as determined by an appropriate governmental agency under California Health and Safety Code Section 37602 shall be retrofitted in accordance with the State Historical Building Code, Health and Safety Code Sections 18950 et seq.

(d)    Unless deemed unnecessary by the building official, the owner of a building with bearing walls shall be required to retain structural design professionals, testing laboratories and/or special inspectors during the project.

The structural design professional shall identify testing requirements of existing materials and conditions that may be necessary prior to completion of design. The structural design professional shall analyze the testing information and incorporate necessary special conditions into the design. The structural design professional shall identify the testing and special inspection requirements which are required during the retrofit systems installation in the field. The engineer of record shall provide periodic field inspections during seismic retrofit. (Ord. 6604-NS § 2, 2000)