20.16.010 Prohibited signs--Exceptions.

A.    No sign, poster, placard, card, sticker, banner, or other device calculated to attract attention of the public shall be posted, printed, stamped, stuck or otherwise affixed to or placed upon any public sidewalk, crosswalk, median strip, curb, lamppost, hydrant, tree, utility pole, any fixture of the traffic control, fire alarm or police alarm system of the City, except:

1.    Legal notices that are authorized by law to be so located and messages placed on bus shelters sponsored or contracted by AC Transit pursuant to a contract with AC Transit and with its consent;

2.    Portable signs as permitted by Section 20.16.180; and

3.    Temporary signs concerning noncommercial events in the form of posters, placards, cards, stickers, or flyers that do not cause a hazard to pedestrian or vehicle traffic, and that are affixed to City-owned utility poles and lampposts in a manner consistent with standards promulgated by the Department of Public Works.

B.    No sign shall be located at or near any street intersection or any street and driveway intersection so as to create a traffic hazard by obstructing vision. No sign shall be located, constructed or lighted so as to interfere with, obstruct the view of or be confused with any authorized traffic sign, signal or device.

C.    The following types of signs are prohibited:

1.    Off-premises signs west of the western line of Third Street that are designed to have the message thereon viewed primarily from the Eastshore Freeway, unless permitted by a relocation agreement pursuant to Section 20.04.040;

2.    Off-premises signs that are designed or intended to be visible primarily from any residential district or any public park, square, or plaza;

3.    Pole signs;

4.    Ground signs more than twenty (20) feet in height;

5.    Wind signs;

6.    Signs attached to or painted on an inoperable and unlicensed vehicle, motorized or non-motorized, that is located in view of the right-of-way; and

7.    Signs of any type above the third floor space, or forty (40) feet above the existing grade adjacent to the building, whichever is less, in any commercial district. (Ord. 7577-NS § 2, 2017: Ord. 7447-NS § 1, 2015: Ord. 7120-NS § 8 (part), 2009)