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Chapter 23C.12
Inclusionary Housing Requirements*


23C.12.010    Purpose

23C.12.020    Applicability of Regulations

23C.12.030    General Inclusionary Requirement: 20% of Units

23C.12.035    Payment of In-Lieu Fees as an Alternative to Providing Inclusionary Units within a Project

23C.12.040    Requirements Applicable to all Inclusionary Units

23C.12.050    Repealed by Ord. 7644-NS

23C.12.060    Inclusionary Unit Requirements for Rental Housing Projects

23C.12.070    Inclusionary Unit Requirements for Ownership Projects*

23C.12.080    Special Requirements for Avenues Plan Area

23C.12.090    Administrative Regulations*

23C.12.100    Fees

*Specific text which previously amended Berkeley Municipal Code Sections 23C.12.070A, 23C.12.070D, and 23C.12.090 for the period January 27, 2004 through February 19, 2006 was repealed on February 19, 2006 as stated in the sunset provision of Ordinance 6,790-N.S. These specific text amendments were reinstated by Ordinance 6,920-N.S., adopted on May 23, 2006.