23E.20.020 Purposes

The purposes of this Chapter are:

A.    To provide for the appropriate development of units which incorporate both living and working space.

B.    To provide flexibility as needed for the development of Live/Work Units, particularly within existing buildings.

C.    To provide locations where appropriate new businesses can start up.

D.    To provide opportunities for people to live in mixed use industrial and commercial areas where compatible with existing uses.

E.    To protect existing and potential industrial uses from conflicts which neighboring and nearby residential uses can cause.

F.    To protect existing and potential residential uses from increased detriment which neighboring and nearby industrial uses can cause.

G.    To permit Live/Work Units that function predominantly as workspaces and secondarily as residences.

H.    To assure that the division of space between living and working space within these units reflects the priority of workspace.

I.    To assure that the exterior design of live/work buildings is compatible with the exterior design of commercial, industrial and residential buildings in their area, while remaining consistent with the predominantly workspace character of live/work buildings. (Ord. 6478-NS § 4 (part), 1999)