23E.20.080 Low Income Inclusionary Live/Work Units

A.    The developer of any project which creates five or more Live/Work Units shall provide low income inclusionary units which conform with the following provisions:

1.    One inclusionary Live/Work Unit shall be provided for each five (5) Live/Work Units in the project, however there shall be no inclusionary requirement for a fraction of a unit;

2.    Inclusionary Live/Work Units shall be sold or rented at a price or rent affordable to a household with an income of eighty percent (80%) of the median income for the Oakland Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area;

3.    Inclusionary units shall be affirmatively marketed by the developer of a project to income-eligible persons performing a work activity permitted in the District where the project is located whose type of work causes them to have a requirement for a space larger in size than typically found in residential units;

4.    Inclusionary Live/Work Units shall maintain affordable rents or resale prices under the provisions for increase set forth in the City-wide regulations concerning inclusionary units (Chapter 23C.12).

B.    Inclusionary Live/Work Units may, at the applicant’s sole discretion, differ from the other Live/Work Units in the project in that the inclusionary units may be smaller than other Live/Work Units in the project as long as they meet the minimum size requirement for Live/Work Units in the District; may have a lower grade of finishes than other Units in the project; and may be located anywhere within the project. (Ord. 6478-NS § 4 (part), 1999)