23E.36.020 Purposes

The purposes of the General Commercial (C-1) Districts are to:

A.    Implement the General Plan’s designations for Avenue Commercial areas;

B.    Provide locations for a wide variety of activities along thoroughfares;

C.    Encourage development in underutilized neighborhood and community shopping areas; and

D.    Promote development compatible with adjacent commercial and residential areas.

E.    Implement permitted use regulations and building development standards for the University Avenue Strategic Plan Overlay area, as stated in the University Avenue Strategic Plan Goals, to:

1.    Increase public safety for residents, merchants, and customers.

2.    Revitalize the University Avenue corridor through appropriate economic development and housing.

3.    Protect and improve neighborhood quality of life.

4.    Encourage more pedestrian-oriented development and an appropriate mix of uses to improve neighborhood identity.

5.    Enhance University Avenue as a gateway to the City, a series of neighborhoods, and the downtown.

6.    Coordinate and enhance public transit systems, pedestrian access, and bicycle circulation.

7.    Encourage a concentration of commercial activity at the designated nodes. (Ord. 6830-NS § 2 (part), 2004: Ord. 6478-NS § 4 (part), 1999)