23E.40.090 Findings

A.    In order to approve any Use Permit under this chapter, the Zoning Officer or Board must make the finding required by Section 23B.32.040. The Zoning Officer or Board must also make the findings required by the following paragraphs of this section to the extent applicable:

B.    A proposed use or structure must:

1.    Be compatible with the purposes of the District;

2.    Be compatible with the surrounding uses and buildings;

3.    Not interfere with the continuity of retail and service facilities at the ground level;

4.    Not exceed the amount and intensity of Use that can be served by the available traffic capacity and potential parking supply.

C.    In addition to the findings above, the Board shall find, for each Use Permit obtained under Sections 23E.40.070.D and E, that the proposed use or structure satisfies at least one of the following general purposes:

1.    To encourage use of the ground floor for commercial purposes where appropriate;

2.    To encourage utilization of public transit and existing off-street parking facilities in the area of the proposed building;

3.    To facilitate the construction of residential or tourist hotel uses where appropriate;

4.    To permit consistency with the building setbacks existing in the immediate area where a residential building setback would not serve a useful purpose. (Ord. 6478-NS § 4 (part), 1999)