23E.44.020 Purposes

The purposes of the Elmwood Commercial (C-E) Districts are to:

A.    Implement the Master Plan’s designation for a community commercial district in this area.

B.    To maintain a scale and balance of retail goods and services in the district to compatibly serve the everyday needs of surrounding neighborhoods by:

1.    Providing locations for retail goods and service establishments to serve surrounding neighborhoods;

2.    Preventing development which exceeds the amount and intensity of use that is compatible with adjacent residential neighborhoods;

3.    Limiting the space occupied by businesses that generate high traffic and/or parking demands;

4.    Controlling the proliferation of establishments which, if not limited, might expand to displace establishments needed to serve surrounding neighborhoods; and

5.    Permitting other uses which serve this objective.

C.    To ensure that new buildings, alterations and additions to existing buildings harmonize with their surroundings. (Ord. 6478-NS § 4 (part), 1999)