23E.44.040 Special Provisions -- Numerical Limitations

A.    Uses subject to numerical limitations as set forth in Table 23E.44.040 shall also be subject to the requirements of Section 23E.44.030. No such limitation may be exceeded unless the Board issues an Administrative Use Permit and makes the findings under Section 23E.44.090.C.

Table 23E.44.040

Numerical Limitations 


Number Limit

Size (sq. ft.)

Type of Permit

Art/Craft Shops, Gift/Novelty Shops, Jewelry/Watch Shops

No limit


Zoning Certificate

Bookstores, Periodical Stands

No limit


Zoning Certificate

Food Service Establishments:




Photocopy Stores, Printing, Fax, Magnetic Disk Reproduction Services

No limit


Zoning Certificate

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