23E.44.060 Use Limitations*

A.    No Commercial Use shall operate except between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., unless a Use Permit is obtained and is in accordance with Section 23E.16.010.

B.    Any Use which is incidental to the primary use of a building or property shall be subject to the permit requirements identified in the Uses Incidental to a Permitted Use heading, in Table 23E.44.030, except as below:

1.    Any food service use shall be subject to the limitations in Table 23E.44.040 and shall not be considered as an Incidental Use for this District except when an accessory use to a Food Product Store.

C.    Any activity or Use which occurs outside of a building shall be subject to the permit requirements identified in the Parking, Outdoor and Exterior Window Uses heading in Table 23E.44.030.

D.    Adult-oriented Businesses, Amusement Device Arcades, and Non-Chartered Financial Institutions are not permitted in this District. Alcoholic Beverage Sales or Service Uses and Live/Work Uses shall be subject to the requirements of Chapters 23E.16 and 23E.20, in addition to the requirements of this District and below:

1.    On-premises service or consumption of alcoholic beverages shall be permitted only as incidental consumption with meals in food service establishments. (Ord. 7513-NS § 3, 2016: Ord. 7425-NS § 9, 2015: Ord. 7191-NS § 7, 2011; Ord. 6478-NS § 4 (part), 1999)

*Specific text which previously amended this section on September 26, 2006 was repealed November 2006 as stated in the sunset provision (§ 22) of Ordinance 6,948-N.S.