23E.44.070 Development Standards

A.    The FAR shall not exceed eight-tenths (.8) for an Interior or Through Lot and the FAR shall not exceed one for a Corner Lot.

B.    The height for a Main Building shall not exceed the following limits and shall satisfy the following requirements:

Use Type

Height (ft.)

Stories (number)




*Except that basement level devoted exclusively to parking shall not be counted as a story

C.    No yards for Main Buildings, Accessory Buildings, or Accessory Structures shall be required, except as set forth below:

1.    Subject to obtaining a revocable encroachment permit from the City Council, bay windows and balconies 11 feet or more above the sidewalk grade may extend three feet into a street right-of-way, provided, that, not more than 60% of the length of a building elevation shall extend beyond the property line.

D.    When the subject lot is adjacent to an abutting or confronting lot in a residential zone, the requirements of Section 23E.04.050 and 23E.04.060 shall apply, for additional yard and building feature requirements, respectively and as below:

1.    No food service establishment shall have any openings other than fixed windows and required fire exits within 50 feet of a residential zone. In addition, no food service establishments shall have any live entertainment other than unamplified background music.

E.    Any Mixed Use building (residential and commercial) shall satisfy all of the standards and requirements of this District, except that the off-street parking and Usable Open Space requirements for the Residential Use portion shall be as set forth in the R-3 District requirements; provided, however, that the Board in its discretion may issue a Use Permit to modify the off-street parking and Usable Open Space requirements where it finds such modification promotes any of the general purposes set forth in Section 23E.44.090.B.

F.    Exclusive Residential Uses shall be subject to the building site area, yard, coverage and parking requirements of the R-3 District standards and the height limit set forth in Section 23D.36.070.B. Other requirements are set forth below:

1.    Each Dwelling Unit shall have Usable Open Space of at least 40 square feet with no dimension less than six feet;

2.    No Residential Use shall be located on the ground floor within 20 feet of a property line along College or Ashby Avenue. (Ord. 6478-NS § 4 (part), 1999)