23E.44.090 Findings

A.    In order to approve any Use Permit under this chapter, the Zoning Officer or Board must make the finding required by Section 23B.32.040. The Zoning Officer or Board must also make the findings required by the following paragraphs of this section to the extent applicable:

B.    A proposed use or structure must do all of the following:

1.    Encourage and maintain the present street frontage and pedestrian orientation of the District;

2.    Be compatible in design and character with the commercial District and the adjacent residential neighborhoods;

3.    Be compatible with the purposes set forth in Section 23E.44.020 and the existing character of the District.

In addition, a finding also shall be made that such action and its effects will not:

4.    Interfere with the continuity of retail or compatible service facilities at the ground level;

5.    Interrupt a continuous wall of building facades;

6.    Generate traffic and parking demand beyond the capacity of the commercial District or significantly increase impacts on adjacent residential neighborhoods;

7.    Result in domination of this District by one type of use;

8.    Generate objectionable odors nor excessive levels of noise.

C.    In order for a Use Permit under Section 23E.44.040.A, for an exception to exceed a numerical limitation for a use, to be granted the following finding must be made: The exception shall result in the positive enhancement of the purposes of the District, as evidenced by neighborhood resident and merchant support and marketing surveys or other information indicating probable substantial patronage by surrounding residents. (Ord. 6478-NS § 4 (part), 1999)