Chapter 1.25


1.25.010    Authorization.

1.25.020    Request for permission.

1.25.030    Refusing access.

1.25.040    Hours – Exception.

1.25.050    Procedure.

1.25.010 Authorization.

Any officer or employee of the city who is authorized to enforce ordinances may make such inspections as may be necessary to see to the enforcement of such ordinances. [Ord. 248 § 1, 1983]

1.25.020 Request for permission.

Whenever such officer or employee shall have reason to believe that there exists on or in any premises in the city any nuisance dangerous to public health, any fire hazard, any structural defect likely to result in injury to person or property, or any electric wiring or equipment in such condition as to present a fire hazard or danger to persons, he shall ask permission of the occupant of such premises, or the owner or custodian thereof, if the premises are unoccupied, to inspect the same. [Ord. 248 § 2, 1983]

1.25.030 Refusing access.

Each such occupant or owner shall permit such inspection at any reasonable time. Any such owner or occupant who refuses to permit such inspection shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished as such. [Ord. 248 § 3, 1983]

1.25.040 Hours – Exception.

Unless there is a clear and present danger requiring an immediate solution, all inspections shall be between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. [Ord. 248 § 4, 1983]

1.25.050 Procedure.

When asking permission to make an inspection, the officer shall have in his possession a certified copy of the ordinance codified in this chapter. If inspection is refused, he shall serve the custodian or owner with the certified copy of the ordinance and again demand to inspect the premises. If on being served with the ordinance the owner or custodian again refuses permission for the inspection of the premises, the inspecting officer shall have the owner or custodian arrested or cause him to be arrested. [Ord. 248 § 5, 1983]