Chapter 2.15


2.15.010    City officers – Designated.

2.15.020    City employees – Designated.

2.15.030    Appointments.

2.15.040    Residence requirements.

2.15.050    Oath of office.

2.15.060    Official bonds.

2.15.070    Establishment of duties – Combining positions – Suspending or abolishing offices.

2.15.080    Compensation.

2.15.090    Conflict of interest.

2.15.100    Nepotism.

2.15.110    Delivery of books, papers, etc., to successors.

2.15.010 City officers – Designated.

The officers of the city are the following:

(1) Councilmembers;

(2) Chief of police;

(3) City administrator;

(4) City attorney;

(5) City clerk;

(6) City engineer;

(7) City planner;

(8) Finance director;

(9) Fire chief; and

(10) Members of the planning commission. [Ord. 344 § 2, 2003]

2.15.020 City employees – Designated.

All persons rendering services to the city are city employees except as follows:

(1) City officers;

(2) Persons providing services to the city as appointed members of a city commission or committee;

(3) Persons volunteering to provide services to the city without compensation; and

(4) All consultants and other persons providing services to the city as independent contractors. [Ord. 344 § 2, 2003]

2.15.030 Appointments.

(1) City officers shall be appointed by the city council.

(2) City employees shall be appointed by the city administrator. [Ord. 344 § 2, 2003]

2.15.040 Residence requirements.

There shall be no residence requirements of any city officer or employee, except that the city council may require that specific officers or employees reside within a reasonable and specified distance from their place of employment or other designated locations upon finding that such residence requirement is reasonably related to the performance of the officer’s or employee’s job. [Ord. 344 § 2, 2003]

2.15.050 Oath of office.

Every officer and employee of the city, before entering upon the duties of the office for or to which such officer or employee was appointed, shall take the oath of office as provided for in the Constitution of the state of California and shall file the same with the city clerk. [Ord. 344 § 2, 2003]

2.15.060 Official bonds.

(1) The finance director shall give a bond for the faithful performance of the finance director’s duties in the penal sum of not less that $200,000.

(2) All other officers and employees shall give bonds for the faithful performance of their duties in the penal sum of not less than $25,000. The bonding requirement pertaining to these officers and employees may be complied with by a single public employees’ faithful performance blanket position bond.

(3) All bonds shall be executed by responsible corporate surety, shall be approved as to form by the city attorney and shall be filed with the city clerk.

(4) Premiums on official bonds shall be paid by the city.

(5) There shall be no personal liability upon, or any right to recover against, a superior officer, or such superior officer’s bond, for any wrongful act or omission of such superior officer’s subordinate, unless such superior officer was a party to, or conspired in, such wrongful act or omission. [Ord. 344 § 2, 2003]

2.15.070 Establishment of duties – Combining positions – Suspending or abolishing offices.

(1) The council shall provide by ordinance or resolution for the powers and duties of all officers and employees of the city.

(2) Where the positions are not incompatible, the council may combine in one person the powers and duties of two or more positions.

(3) No office provided herein to be filled by appointment by the city administrator may be combined with an office provided herein to be filled by appointment by the council.

(4) When the city has contracted with the county of Butte for the assessment and collection of taxes, the council may suspend or abolish any position relating to the assessment or collection of taxes. [Ord. 344 § 2, 2003]

2.15.080 Compensation.

(1) The compensation of all city officers and employees shall be fixed by the city council.

(2) No officer or employee shall be allowed any fees, perquisites, emoluments or compensation for the performance of the duties of their employment other than reimbursement for necessary expenses and the compensation fixed for them by the council. [Ord. 344 § 2, 2003]

2.15.090 Conflict of interest.

Except as otherwise provided by state law, no councilmember or other officer of the city shall be financially interested in any contract, sale, purchase, lease or transfer of real or personal property, to which the city is a party. [Ord. 344 § 2, 2003]

2.15.100 Nepotism.

The council shall not appoint to a salaried position in the city government any person who is a relative by blood or marriage within the second degree of any one or more members of the council. [Ord. 344 § 2, 2003]

2.15.110 Delivery of books, papers, etc., to successors.

(1) All papers, books, documents, records, archives and other properties prepared for or purchased by the city for an officer or employee shall be and remain the property of the city.

(2) All officers and employees, upon leaving their office or employment, shall deliver to their successors all such papers, documents, records, books, archives and other such properties in their possession pertaining to their office or employment. [Ord. 344 § 2, 2003]