Chapter 4.20


4.20.010    Registration – Required.

4.20.020    Registration – Issuance.

4.20.030    County permit required.

4.20.040    Registration – Revocation.

4.20.050    Regulations.

4.20.060    Violation – Penalty.

4.20.010 Registration – Required.

All persons before entering in or upon private residences as salesmen or solicitors of orders for the sale of goods, wares, merchandise, or services, excepting insurance, are hereby required to register with the city clerk of the city of Biggs and furnish the following information: name, address, personal description, nature of business, name and address of employer or supplier of goods to be sold, duration of solicitation, and prior felony convictions, if any. [Ord. 142 § 1, 1963]

4.20.020 Registration – Issuance.

Applicant upon compliance with BMC 4.20.010 shall be registered, unless applicant has a prior felony conviction; and provided further, that said applicant has registered previously with the sheriff of Butte County pursuant to Butte County Ordinance No. 580. [Ord. 142 § 2, 1963]

4.20.030 County permit required.

No permit to solicit shall be granted unless the applicant produces a permit from the sheriff of Butte County pursuant to Butte County Ordinance No. 580. [Ord. 142 § 3, 1963]

4.20.040 Registration – Revocation.

Registration hereunder may be revoked by the city clerk of the city of Biggs for good cause, and any denial of registration or revocation thereof may be appealed to the city council of the city of Biggs. [Ord. 142 § 4, 1963]

4.20.050 Regulations.

Any person soliciting within the city of Biggs shall conform to the following regulations:

(1) Solicitation to be in an orderly and lawful manner, and at reasonable times.

(2) Advance or down payments shall be receipted for and signed by the solicitor, which receipt shall give the total purchase price, and all additional charges, the amount paid, and the name and address of the supplier. [Ord. 142 § 5, 1963]

4.20.060 Violation – Penalty.

Any person violating the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and punished as provided in cases of misdemeanors. [Ord. 142 § 6, 1963]