Chapter 5.05


5.05.010    Repealed.

5.05.020    Pound – Records.

5.05.030    Dead animals.

5.05.040    Tranquilizer guns.

5.05.010 Pound – Authorized.

Repealed by Ord. 340. [Ord. 10 § 1, 1903]

5.05.020 Pound – Records.

The marshal shall keep a record of every animal in the pound with a description thereof and the date and manner of disposition of the same and, if sold, the name of the person to whom sold. Said record shall be open to the inspection of any person upon demand. [Ord. 10 § 11, 1903]

5.05.030 Dead animals.

(1) It shall be the duty of all persons having dead animals upon their premises, or shall be the owner or possessor of any animal dying within the city limits to bury the same at least three feet under the ground, excepting cats, dogs or fowl which shall be buried at least one foot underground, either upon his own premises or in some place outside the inhabited portion of the city, within 24 hours after the same have died.

(2) If any person fails or neglects to bury any animal as provided for in this section, then in such case it shall be the duty of the marshal to proceed forthwith to have the same buried, and it shall be lawful for the marshal to charge to and recover from the owner or possessor of such dead animal the cost of burial thereof, and such person who shall neglect or refuse to bury or cause to be buried any dead animal upon his premises or in any public place of which he is the owner or possessor, or to pay the marshal the cost incurred in burying such animal, shall be guilty of an infraction, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not less than $5.00 nor more than $50.00, or by imprisonment not less than five, nor more than 10, days or by both such fine and imprisonment. In case the marshal after diligent search cannot find the owner or possessor of any dead animal in this section referred to, he shall cause the same to be buried, and the cost thereof shall be paid by the city. [Ord. 305 § 5, 1996; Ord. 10 §§ 8, 9, 1903]

5.05.040 Tranquilizer guns.

(1) Peace officers and duly authorized dog catchers in the city of Biggs are hereby authorized by the city council to use approved tranquilizer guns and tranquilizer darts to aid them in capturing stray animals roaming free in the city of Biggs in violation of state laws or city ordinances.

(2) Said peace officers and/or authorized dog catchers are further authorized to use tranquilizer darts and tranquilizer guns aforesaid in the performance of any duty imposed upon them in regard to capturing animals within the city limits of the city of Biggs. [Ord. 165 §§ 1, 2, 1970]