Chapter 5.30


5.30.010    Harboring unvaccinated cats.

5.30.020    Maximum number of cats.

5.30.030    Vaccination of cats.

5.30.040    Running at large.

5.30.050    Enforcement.

5.30.060    Penalties.

5.30.010 Harboring unvaccinated cats.

It shall be unlawful for any person to harbor, keep or conceal any cat within the city of Biggs that has not been vaccinated as provided in this chapter. It shall be unlawful for any such person to refuse to produce a certificate of current vaccination when called upon to do so by any officer or agent of the city. [Ord. 319 § 1, 1998]

5.30.020 Maximum number of cats.

No family or person, or group of persons, may own or control, or have in their possession, at any one street address within the city limits of the city of Biggs, more than a total of eight cats. If a person owns or controls more than eight cats in a single location, this is deemed to be a kennel and a kennel license is required. A use permit must be obtained before a kennel license is issued. Approval of the use permit will include specific regulations, restrictions and conditions as deemed appropriate, including conforming to the state and county health departments’ regulations and payment of license fees. [Ord. 319 § 2, 1998]

5.30.030 Vaccination of cats.

Every person who owns, possesses or has the care, custody or control of a cat shall procure its vaccination with an approved feline antirabies vaccine by a licensed veterinarian immediately after the cat attains the age of four months and shall have the cat revaccinated at such intervals as may be required by law. [Ord. 319 § 3, 1998]

5.30.040 Running at large.

It shall be unlawful for any cat owner or person having the possession, care, custody or control of a cat that has not been neutered or spayed to allow or permit such cat to be or run in or upon any public or private place or premises within the city other than those of the owner or custodian, except in the following instances:

(1) Upon the private premises of another, by and with consent of the owner of such private premises.

(2) Upon a public street, sidewalk or way, while under the effective control of a person capable of controlling and who does maintain effective control of such cat at all times, to the end that such cat shall not be allowed to commit any act of nuisance. [Ord. 319 § 4, 2003]

5.30.050 Enforcement.

The animal control officer or any agent of the city is hereby authorized and directed to seize and impound every cat found in violation of this chapter. The city shall release no cat that has not been spayed or neutered. The animal control officer or any agent of the city is further authorized and directed to require each person who seeks release of an impounded cat to produce a certificate of current antirabies vaccination and a certificate of sterilization executed by a licensed veterinarian. Such certificate or certificates shall clearly show the veterinarian’s name, name of clinic, if any, address, telephone number, license number, name of cat, if any, age, breed and a description sufficient to readily identify the cat. [Ord. 319 § 5, 2003]

5.30.060 Penalties.

Violation of this chapter shall be deemed as an infraction and shall be punishable as such. Infraction amounts shall be set by the city and courts and shall be revised as needed by resolution. [Ord. 319 § 6, 2003]