Chapter 6.15


6.15.010    Garbage collector – Exclusive contact.

6.15.020    Payment to garbage collector.

6.15.030    Contract terms.

6.15.040    Commercial, institutional garbage.

6.15.050    Sanitation.

6.15.060    Garbage trucks.

6.15.070    Refuse/solid waste commissioner.

6.15.080    Garbage collector – Bond.

6.15.090    Charges – Billing.

6.15.100    Containers – Requirements.

6.15.110    Containers – Additional charges.

6.15.120    Burning prohibited.

6.15.130    Violations.

6.15.010 Garbage collector – Exclusive contact.

There shall be but one garbage collector for the city of Biggs, who shall be chosen at the discretion of the city council and given an exclusive contract for the disposal of all garbage and refuse within the city limits. Contract terms shall be established by the council. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.15.020 Payment to garbage collector.

The contract entered into shall provide for residential garbage collection between the garbage collector and the city, and the city shall pay the garbage collector out of the refuse/solid waste fund at a rate to be agreed upon, and each residential householder shall use the facilities of the garbage collector hired by the city of Biggs. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.15.030 Contract terms.

The city council shall, in the contract with the garbage collector, set the price to be charged and the frequency with which pickups shall be made. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.15.040 Commercial, institutional garbage.

Commercial and institutional garbage shall be collected by the city garbage collector, but rates to be charged for the service shall be negotiated directly between the garbage collector and the commercial establishments. In the event that there is a dispute concerning the charge, the city council shall be the final arbiter of the fees that the garbage collector can charge the commercial establishments or other institutions. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.15.050 Sanitation.

The city garbage collector shall collect garbage and refuse in a metal lined truck body that will meet all reasonable requirements hereinafter imposed by the city council of the city of Biggs, and by the Butte County health unit. Neither the garbage collector nor individual citizens shall permit excessive leakage of fluids from their loads of garbage, nor shall anyone storing or hauling garbage within the city limits of the city of Biggs allow refuse to escape from the containers. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.15.060 Garbage trucks.

(1) Parking. Trucks used for commercial garbage collection shall not be parked within the city limits of the city of Biggs longer than two hours in any 24-hour period, whether loaded or unloaded, and whether or not they have been washed.

(2) Cleaning. Trucks used for commercial garbage hauling within the city of Biggs shall be hosed down thoroughly at least once in every 24-hour period. Said cleaning of the trucks shall not be done within the city limits of the city of Biggs.

(3) Violation of this section shall constitute an infraction and shall be punishable as such. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.15.070 Refuse/solid waste commissioner.

The office of refuse/solid waste commissioner is hereby created. The city council of the city of Biggs shall select one of its members to fulfill the duties of this office, and it shall be the duty of the refuse/solid waste commissioner to see that this chapter and any contract made under the authority of this chapter is enforced. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.15.080 Garbage collector – Bond.

The person chosen by the city council to serve as city garbage collector shall post a bond in the amount of $5,000 to ensure faithful performance of his duties in accordance with this chapter and with his contract with the city. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.15.090 Charges – Billing.

The city council of the city of Biggs is hereby authorized, from time to time, by resolution to establish garbage service charges and to collect the charges from householders and residents of the city of Biggs. Said charges shall be billed monthly on the city utility bill. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.15.100 Containers – Requirements.

The city shall provide households and residents of the city of Biggs with appropriate refuse containers. In addition to this a recycling bin or container shall also be provided. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.15.110 Containers – Additional charges.

In the event that a householder or resident generates weekly garbage that exceeds the volume of standards containers, then the garbage collector can charge for any additional pickups over and above said capacity and will make a charge directly to said householder or resident for said service. In the event of a dispute for this additional charge between the householder or resident and the garbage collector, the city council shall be the final arbiter of the fees charged for this additional pickup. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.15.120 Burning prohibited.

No citizen of the city of Biggs shall hereafter burn within the city limits any decayable vegetable (except leaves) or animal matter. Such burning shall hereafter be deemed a misdemeanor. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.15.130 Violations.

If anyone, other than the authorized city garbage collector, shall collect garbage commercially within the city of Biggs, such act shall be deemed a misdemeanor. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]