Chapter 6.40


6.40.010    Required prior to property sales.

6.40.020    Contents.

6.40.030    Nuisance warning.

6.40.010 Required prior to property sales.

Pursuant to Civil Code Section 3482.5 and/or Sections 3482.6 and 1102.6a, it shall be required of any seller of any property within the city of Biggs to give notice to the prospective buyer that there are rice mills and rice dryers situated or located in or near the city of Biggs that give off dust, noise, and light, and that the agricultural activities in or near the city of Biggs that are their ordinary operation might be a nuisance to homeowners. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.40.020 Contents.

These agricultural activities and agricultural processing plants fall within the protection of Civil Code Sections 1102.6a, 3482.5, and 3482.6, and henceforth all sellers of real property within the city of Biggs, or their agents, shall be required under Civil Code Section 1102.6a to give the buyers a disclosure statement in the form set forth therein notifying the buyers that there exists agricultural processing plants in the city of Biggs and agricultural processing plants adjacent to the city of Biggs, and other agricultural processing establishments that may emit dust, light, noise, odor, or otherwise constitutes a nuisance, except as provided under Civil Code Sections 3482.5 and 3482.6. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]

6.40.030 Nuisance warning.

Also, sellers and their agents shall notify buyers, pursuant to Civil Code Section 1102.6a, that there are agricultural activities near or around the city of Biggs that conceivably constitute a nuisance, except as protected by Civil Code Section 3482.5. The disclosure statement shall be in the form set forth in Civil Code Section 1102.6a. [Ord. 323 § 1, 2001]