Chapter 7.20


7.20.010    Attaching media for public display.

7.20.020    Illuminated signs.

7.20.030    Permission required.

7.20.040    Distributing handbills.

7.20.050    Defacing handbills.

7.20.060    Violations.

7.20.070    Littering.

7.20.010 Attaching media for public display.

No person shall post, attach, or display any sign, notice, placard, poster, or other advertising media to or upon any tree, stone, fence, wall, pole, railing, or other object in, along, upon or over any street, park, or place within the city of Biggs, except upon public bulletin boards provided by the city. [Ord. 72 § 1, 1932]

7.20.020 Illuminated signs.

No person shall erect, construct, maintain or use within 50 feet of any street, park or public place, on any vacant premises or on the exterior of any building any sign, placard or other advertising device or medium, artificially illuminated by gas, electricity or otherwise except that such sign may be attached to a business building; provided, it is constructed not higher than the ceiling of the first story of said building; and provided, that such sign shall not have an area of more than 225 square feet; and provided, that illumination of such sign shall be constant when lighted and in no case intermittent; and provided, that such sign shall not be illuminated after 10:00 p.m. unless the premises are open for the conduct of business; and excepting also that gasoline pumps at service stations or garages may carry an illuminated globe at the top. [Ord. 72 § 2, 1932]

7.20.030 Permission required.

No signboards, billboards or other advertising devices shall be erected, constructed, maintained, or used within the city of Biggs except by written consent of the city council of the city of Biggs. [Ord. 72 § 3, 1932]

7.20.040 Distributing handbills.

No person shall throw, distribute, drop, or cause to be thrown, distributed, or dropped in or upon any of the highways, sidewalks or any public place in the city of Biggs any posters, handbills, advertising cards, or other similar devices. [Ord. 72 § 4, 1932]

7.20.050 Defacing handbills.

No person shall willfully tear down or deface any notice, handbill or ordinance posted in the city of Biggs by order of the city council or any city officer. [Ord. 72 § 5, 1932]

7.20.060 Violations.

Violation of this chapter shall be deemed an infraction and shall be punishable as such. [Ord. 208 § 2, 1978; Ord. 72 § 6, 1932]

7.20.070 Littering.

(1) It shall be unlawful for any person to:

(a) Leave or permit to remain on any public highway, alley, sidewalk, crosswalk or other public way open for pedestrian travel any merchandise, baggage or any article of personal property; provided, that the foregoing does not apply to any temporary rack or stand used for the purpose of displaying newspapers for sale, while such rack or stand is so used if such rack or stand does not occupy any portion of the highway set aside for vehicular use and such rack or stand does not cover an area exceeding 10 square feet.

(b) Deposit or throw any paper or other litter or trash on any public highway or sidewalk, or on any private property without the consent of the owner or persons in lawful possession thereof.

(2) Violation of this section shall be a misdemeanor. [Ord. 171 §§ 2, 3, 1970]