Chapter 7.35


7.35.010    Siting criteria.

7.35.010 Siting criteria.

(1) The entire city of Biggs and all the territory included within the city boundaries are hereby zoned prison-free.

(2) Any consideration of prisons or any facility that has a function of incarcerating or housing prisoners in the city of Biggs shall be put forth on the ballot for approval by the voters disclosing to them the following:

(a) The proposed location of the prison;

(b) The type of prison (e.g., maximum security, minimum security, etc.);

(c) The size of the prison;

(d) How the various factors impacting the public shall be mitigated;

(e) A commitment from the state, federal or any other agency that they will pay for the increased costs of direct and indirect services that result from the prison and that any cost incurred by the enforcement of this section shall be borne by them;

(f) Any and all potential changes to the disclosed information.

(3) The Biggs city council shall immediately transmit a copy of this chapter to the governor of the state of California, the California Department of Corrections, and all other appropriate state agencies.

(4) Amendment. No part of this chapter shall be amended or repealed except by passage of a ballot measure approved by a majority of voters voting. [Ord. 325, 2001]