Chapter 8.50


8.50.010    Enactment.

8.50.020    Definitions.

8.50.030    Designated truck routes.

8.50.040    Signage.

8.50.050    Prohibition on trucks traveling off truck routes.

8.50.060    Violations.

8.50.010 Enactment.

The ordinance codified in this chapter is enacted pursuant to California Vehicle Code Sections 21101 and 35701. [Ord. 391 § 1, 2011]

8.50.020 Definitions.

The following definitions are based on the California Vehicle Code and are to be used in administering this chapter. All other definitions as contained in the California Vehicle Code are included by reference:

For the purpose of this chapter, “trucks” includes all of the following:

(1) Any vehicle exceeding a maximum gross weight limit of three tons.

(2) Motortrucks of three or more axles which are more than 6,000 pounds unladen weight.

(3) Truck tractors.

(4) Trailers and semitrailers designed or used for commercial purposes, excluding camp trailers, trailer coaches and utility trailers, where the primary use of the vehicle is noncommercial.

(5) Any vehicle or combination of vehicles that exceeds 40 feet in length when coupled together.

(6) Any vehicle transporting hazardous materials for commercial purposes and which is regulated by the California Vehicle Code or other lawful authority, regardless of weight.

(7) Any other motortruck not specified that is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission or the Interstate Commerce Commission. [Ord. 391 § 1, 2011]

8.50.030 Designated truck routes.

The following streets and portions of streets are designated and established as truck routes:

(1) E Street from the easterly city limit to 8th Street.

(2) All of B Street.

(3) West Biggs Gridley Road from B Street to the southerly city limit.

(4) Bannock Street from 8th Street to West Biggs Gridley Road.

(5) 4th Street from B Street to the northerly city limit.

(6) 6th Street from B Street to the southerly city limit.

(7) 8th Street from Bannock Street to the northerly city limit. [Ord. 391 § 1, 2011]

8.50.040 Signage.

Appropriate signs shall be erected indicating the streets affected. Such signs shall read “TRUCK ROUTE” in letters not less than four inches in height and shall be erected at all intersections of truck routes and at all intersections of designated routes with the boundary lines of the city. [Ord. 391 § 1, 2011]

8.50.050 Prohibition on trucks traveling off truck routes.

When truck routes are established pursuant to this chapter and designated by appropriate signs, the operator of any truck as defined herein shall drive said vehicle only on such routes and none other except for the following:

(1) Trucks coming from a truck route having ingress and egress by direct route to and from a restricted street when necessary for the purpose of providing a direct service requiring the utilization of such vehicles or making pickups and deliveries of goods, wares and merchandise from or to any building or structure located on the restricted street or for the purpose of delivering materials to be used in the actual and bona fide repair, alteration, remodeling or construction of any building or structure upon the restricted street for which a building permit has previously been obtained. If it is necessary for a truck to leave the truck route to make a delivery, the driver shall go by the shortest possible route to and from the delivery point to the truck route. In no event shall the truck remain off the truck route for more than one hour.

(2) Any vehicle owned by a public utility or a licensed contractor while necessarily in use in the construction, installation or repair of any public utility.

(3) Vehicles as may be reasonably necessary:

(a) For the purpose of transporting farm or ranch supplies, produce, or animals to and from ranches or farms situated along a street otherwise forbidden to be used by such vehicles; or

(b) For the purpose of transporting a trailer used for recreation or noncommercial purposes and/or boat to and from locations along a street otherwise forbidden to be used by such vehicles; or

(c) For the collection and transportation of garbage, rubbish, or refuse; or

(d) For the purpose of public transportation. [Ord. 391 § 1, 2011]

8.50.060 Violations.

Violation of any section of this chapter shall constitute an infraction. [Ord. 391 § 1, 2011]