Chapter 9.25


9.25.010    Findings.

9.25.020    Fees.

9.25.030    Repealed.

9.25.010 Findings.

The citizens of Biggs have borne the costs for certain park and recreation facilities owned by or under the control of the city council of the city of Biggs and that additional costs will be incurred by the city for maintenance and upkeep of existing facilities and construction and maintenance of new facilities. [Ord. 264 § 1, 1984]

9.25.020 Fees.

(1) Some users of park and recreation facilities will benefit to a larger degree because of greater use than other users. This greater use will cause higher costs to the city than normal park and recreation activities by citizens in general. Those persons or groups making greater use of parks and recreation facilities shall pay a fee commensurate with the benefit to the user.

(2) Fees pursuant to this chapter shall be set from time to time by resolution. [Ord. 264 §§ 2, 4, 1984]

9.25.030 Rules and regulations.

Repealed by Ord. 363. [Ord. 264 §§ 3, 5, 1984]