Chapter 10.15


10.15.010    Authority.

10.15.020    Backflow prevention devices – Required when.

10.15.030    Types of protection.

10.15.040    Installation, inspection and maintenance.

10.15.050    Discontinuance of service.

10.15.060    City’s right of ingress to and egress from customer’s premises.

10.15.070    Access to facilities.

10.15.080    Prevention of flow from one service connection through another.

10.15.090    Violations.

10.15.010 Authority.

In accordance with the requirements of the regulations of the California Administrative Code, Title 17, Chapter V, Sections 7583 through 7622 inclusive, no water service connection to any premises will be installed or maintained by the city of Biggs unless the public water supply is adequately protected. This regulation supplements and does not supersede local plumbing regulations, codes or ordinances, or State Board of Public Health Regulations relating to water supply. [Ord. 260 § 1, 1984]

10.15.020 Backflow prevention devices – Required when.

Backflow prevention devices shall be installed on each service connection to any premises having:

(1) Access to any auxiliary water supply;

(2) Any substance handled under pressure that might possibly be introduced into the water system;

(3) Any material dangerous to health or toxic substance that might possibly be introduced into the water system;

(4) More than one water connection to the city facilities. [Ord. 260 § 2, 1984]

10.15.030 Types of protection.

In general, types of backflow prevention devices required shall be as follows:

(1) A service connection to premises having an auxiliary water supply or internal system containing water of deteriorated quality shall be protected by an approved double-check valve assembly.

(2) A service connection to premises handling dangerous or toxic materials such as industrial plants, hospitals, mortuaries, etc., shall be protected by an approved reduced pressure principle backflow prevention device properly located and installed.

(3) A service connection to any sewage treatment plant or sewage pump station shall be protected by an air-gap separation properly located and installed.

(4) As a protection to the customer’s plumbing system, a suitable pressure relief valve shall be installed and maintained at the customer’s expense. The relief valve shall be installed between the backflow prevention device and the customer’s water heater.

(5) In special cases, the city may require the customer to eliminate certain plumbing or piping connections as an additional precaution to prevent backflow. [Ord. 260 § 3, 1984]

10.15.040 Installation, inspection and maintenance.

Backflow prevention devices required herein shall be approved, installed and maintained by the owner in accordance with the Manual of Cross-Connection Control, published by the Foundation for Cross-Connection Control Research, University of Southern California, at the expense of the customer. [Ord. 260 § 4, 1984]

10.15.050 Discontinuance of service.

The city may discontinue service of water to any premises and may physically disconnect the customer’s piping from the city’s water distribution system if after notice a backflow prevention device is not properly installed or if a backflow prevention device required by the regulation has been removed and bypassed or tampered with on the premises, and service will not be restored until such conditions or defects are corrected. [Ord. 260 § 5, 1984]

10.15.060 City’s right of ingress to and egress from customer’s premises.

City personnel and representatives of state and county shall have the right of ingress to and egress from the customer’s premises at all reasonable hours for any purpose reasonably related to the furnishing of water service and the exercise of any and all right secured to it by law or these regulations, including inspection of the customer’s piping and equipment as to compliance. [Ord. 260 § 6, 1984]

10.15.070 Access to facilities.

The consumer shall provide and maintain reasonable access for city representatives or other authorized governmental personnel to all service connections, meters, backflow prevention devices, or other facilities pertinent to water service installed on his premises. [Ord. 260 § 7, 1984]

10.15.080 Prevention of flow from one service connection through another.

If a premises is supplied by more than one water connection to the city’s facilities, the consumer shall be required to have an approved backflow prevention device at each service connection to prevent the backflow of water from one service through another. [Ord. 260 § 8, 1984]

10.15.090 Violations.

Violation of this chapter shall be deemed an infraction and shall be punishable as such. [Ord. 260 § 9, 1984]