Chapter 10.25


10.25.010    Fees established.

10.25.020    Permit fee.

10.25.030    Additional costs – Special agreements.

10.25.040    Outside city limits.

10.25.050    Misrepresentations.

10.25.060    Fee setting.

10.25.070    Violations.

10.25.010 Fees established.

(1) The city of Biggs users of the electric system and property owners have borne the costs for the existing electric system in the city of Biggs, which includes power sources, the substation, capacitors, major transformers, poles, wires, line truck, digger truck and other related distribution facilities, maintenance materials and equipment. New connections by owners of property or proposed users of the electric system will involve use of these existing electric facilities which were paid for, or have been constructed for, and are owned by the city of Biggs. Therefore, specific fees must be paid to the city of Biggs for any connection to the electric system which will result in an increase in city electrical uses or other use of the city electric system.

(2) Specific charges will be made as follows:

(a) Capacity Fee. This fee is to be set aside to make capital improvements to the electric system such as modification or replacement of existing substations or construction of new substations.

(b) Distribution Fee. This fee is to pay for existing electrical distribution lines, poles, transformers and related appurtenances or extension or expansion of the distribution system.

(c) Service Fee. This fee is to pay for materials, labor and equipment to provide service from the city distribution facilities to the property owner’s or user’s private facilities. Fees will be charged for underground, overhead or temporary service modifications requested by the customer.

(3) The above fees are one-time charges and must be paid prior to obtaining a building permit. No work will be commenced by the city until all such fees are paid. [Ord. 283 § 2, 1989]

10.25.020 Permit fee.

Work performed by others on the city electric system must be performed in accordance with city of Biggs standards and specifications and shall be performed only after permit is obtained from the city. The city will inspect the work performed. An electrical permit fee shall be paid which amount shall be determined by the city council. [Ord. 283 § 3, 1989]

10.25.030 Additional costs – Special agreements.

Whenever electric service to a property or development requires unusually high costs for transformers, poles, wire or other appurtenances the property owner may be required to bear all or part of these additional costs as may be determined in a special agreement between the property owner and the city. [Ord. 283 § 4, 1989]

10.25.040 Outside city limits.

No parcel of land situated outside of the limits of the city of Biggs shall in any manner be or have any structure thereon connected to the electric system of the said city, except by special agreement with the city council. [Ord. 283 § 5, 1989]

10.25.050 Misrepresentations.

The willful misrepresentation of any material fact with knowledge of its falsity or without reasonable cause to believe it to be true to any city officer or the city council with the intent hereby to influence his or its official action herein shall be a violation of this chapter. [Ord. 283 § 7, 1989]

10.25.060 Fee setting.

Fees pursuant to this chapter shall be set from time to time by the city council by resolution. [Ord. 283 § 8, 1989]

10.25.070 Violations.

Any person, firm or corporation violating any provision of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Such person, firm or corporation shall be deemed guilty of a separate offense for each and every day during any portion of which any violation of this chapter is committed, continued or permitted by such person, firm or corporation and shall be punishable as herein provided. [Ord. 283 § 9, 1989]