Chapter 11.10


11.10.010    Purpose.

11.10.020    Site plan review procedure.

11.10.030    Site plan submittal protocol.

11.10.040    Inspection of new construction.

11.10.050    Payment of city fees and fees for site plan review and subsequent inspection.

11.10.060    Violations.

11.10.010 Purpose.

(1) For purposes of promoting the public health, safety and general welfare, and more specifically for the purpose of ensuring that development within the city of Biggs conforms with all applicable requirements and that appropriate fees are assessed for application review and construction inspection, the following procedures and fees are hereby established for the city of Biggs.

(2) The following procedures shall be conducted in conjunction with the processing of building permit applications by the Butte County building division which is conducted under a separate agreement, attached hereto. [Ord. 311 § 1, 1997]

11.10.020 Site plan review procedure.

(1) Prior to applying to the Butte County building division for a building permit, applicants shall provide a complete site plan to the city of Biggs to determine consistency with city codes. The site plan shall be reviewed by city planning and engineering staff.

(2) City staff shall review the site plan and note any revisions necessary to comply with city of Biggs codes and standards. The applicant may be required to provide additional information on the site plan.

(3) Required revisions, if any, shall be noted on five original copies of the site plan. City staff shall sign each original and annotated site plan and return four signed copies of the site plan to the applicant. One site plan shall be retained by the city, one site plan shall be retained by the applicant, and three site plans shall be submitted with building permit application to the Butte County building division. The signed site plan will become part of the set of building plans.

(4) Following city approval, the applicant may then submit building plans and the signed approved site plan to the Butte County building division for plan review.

(5) Re-approval of the site plan shall be required in the case of major changes to originally submitted design. In cases where the applicant revises plans, such revisions shall be discussed with city staff to determine if changes are considered major and are therefore subject to formal review.

(6) Provision of Utility Services for Construction Purposes.

(a) In conjunction with building permit applications, applicants for new construction projects must apply for temporary electrical and water services for each new building application. Modifications to existing buildings need not meet this criteria.

(b) Temporary electrical and water services shall be discontinued after six months unless the applicant provides a written request for an extension for an additional six months service to the city documenting why the extension is needed. Extension of temporary services shall be at the discretion of the city of Biggs.

(c) Upon completion of final inspection by Butte County building division the status of service connections shall become permanent and no further action shall be required to continue services.

(7) Pursuant to Section 17964 of the California Health and Safety Code, the city council designates and charges either city staff and/or an independent contractor or contractors to carry out all aspects of this chapter in addition to and/or in place of the county of Butte. [Ord. 362 § 1, 2006; Ord. 311 § 2, 1997]

11.10.030 Site plan submittal protocol.

(1) Five copies of the site plan shall be submitted to the City of Biggs.

(2) Content Requirements for Site Plans.

(a) Site plans shall be drawn accurately and at a reasonable scale. Informal sketches will not be considered accepted for purposes of application review.

(b) Site plans shall show the location of the project site within the city, including a minimum of two street locations relative to the project and vicinity map of the city which denotes the location of the project.

(c) Site plans shall be oriented such that the northern portion of the project site is located at the top of drawing sheets and a north arrow shall be included on each drawing.

(d) Site plans shall include property address, assessor’s parcel number, name and address of owner, name and address of applicant, name and address of contractor, drawing scale, building type, current zoning, and date.

(e) Buildings, proposed or existing, shall be accurately shown on the parcel including such information as easements, utilities, setbacks from streets, setbacks from property lines, relative finished floor elevation when applicable and building square footage.

(f) Proposed grading and direction of drainage shall be shown when applicable.

(g) Off-site improvements required for the project shall be shown and/or noted, including, but not limited to, curb, gutter and sidewalk installation, street widening, water and wastewater system improvements and drainage facilities. [Ord. 311 § 3, 1997]

11.10.040 Inspection of new construction.

(1) City Inspection of Completed Project.

(a) Prior to final inspection of new construction projects by the Butte County building division, the applicant shall notify the city of Biggs that project construction is complete.

(b) Upon notification of project completion, city staff (public works director or city engineer) shall inspect the project to ensure that all city requirements have been met.

(c) Upon approval by city staff that all requirements of city codes and regulations have been fulfilled, city staff shall sign the Butte County job inspection card.

(d) Following signature of the job inspection card by the city of Biggs, the applicant may request final inspection of the project by the Butte County building division. [Ord. 311 § 4, 1997]

11.10.050 Payment of city fees and fees for site plan review and subsequent inspection.

The following fee requirements shall apply to all new construction projects:

(1) All city fees and deposits including, but not limited to, sewer, water, storm drain, electrical and parks fees shall be paid upon submittal of site plan as described in BMC 11.10.030 and shall be those in effect at the time the application is submitted.

(2) A city site plan review and final site inspection fee shall also be due upon application for a site plan review. This fee is a deposit and any amount unused or any additional amount required shall be refunded to or paid by the applicant. The site plan review fees are set forth as follows (calculated based on building footprint):

New construction = $0.20/sf

Remodel = $0.30/sf with a $25.00
minimum charge

[Ord. 311 § 5, 1997]

11.10.060 Violations.

Any violation of this chapter shall be deemed an infraction and shall be punishable by a fine. In the alternative, any violation of this chapter shall subject the violator to an administrative fine of up to $1,000 per violation. [Ord. 411, 2017; Ord. 311 § 6, 1997]