Chapter 1.05


1.05.010    Declaration of purpose.

1.05.020    Establishment of code.

1.05.030    Contents of municipal code.

1.05.040    Outline of municipal code.

1.05.050    Maintenance of municipal code.

1.05.010 Declaration of purpose.

The city council of the city of Calimesa (hereinafter “city council”) finds that it is desirable and in the public interest to establish a municipal code in order to provide a scheme of organization for the classification and grouping of ordinances which the city council may adopt.

The city council intends in adopting ordinances of a general and permanent nature to provide for their placement in accordance with the scheme of the code. This will provide the user with a convenient and logical compilation of the ordinances of the city. The code is adopted under the provisions of Government Code Sections 50022.1 through 50022.8. [Ord. 90-13 § 1; Code 1990 § 1.1.01.]

1.05.020 Establishment of code.

There is established the municipal code of the city of Calimesa (hereinafter the “municipal code”). [Ord. 90-13 § 2; Code 1990 § 1.1.02.]

1.05.030 Contents of municipal code.

The Calimesa Municipal Code shall consist of all ordinances adopted by the city council which are of a general and permanent nature. An ordinance relating to the following subject matter is not considered an ordinance of general and permanent nature and need not be included within the municipal code:

A. The naming of roads.

B. Granting, altering or withdrawing franchises.

C. Levying real property tax.

D. Calling an election.

E. Interim zoning measure.

F. Zoning or rezoning a particular parcel of property.

G. Such other ordinances of a special or particular subject matter which the city council considers are not appropriate to a general compilation of laws of a general and permanent nature. [Ord. 90-13 § 3; Code 1990 § 1.1.03.]

1.05.040 Outline of municipal code.

A. The ordinances of the city which are of a general and permanent nature shall be organized and grouped according to subject matter.

B. Ordinances which are adopted from time to time shall be classified to and organized under the following scheme of titles:

1. Title 1, General Provisions.

2. Title 2, Administration and Personnel.

3. Title 3, Revenue and Finance.

4. Title 4, Reserved.

5. Title 5, Business Licenses and Regulations.

6. Title 6, Animals.

7. Title 7, Reserved.

8. Title 8, Health and Safety.

9. Title 9, Public Peace, Morals and Welfare.

10. Title 10, Vehicles and Traffic.

11. Title 11, Reserved.

12. Title 12, Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places.

13. Title 13, Public Utilities and Services.

14. Title 14, Reserved.

15. Title 15, Buildings and Construction.

16. Title 16, Environment.

17. Title 17, Subdivisions.

18. Title 18, Zoning, Land Use, and Development Regulations.

C. The outline of titles set forth in subsection (B) of this section may be amended as the city council considers necessary to maintain the ordinances of a general and permanent nature in a logical scheme of classification. [Updated during 2008 recodification; Ord. 92-9 § 1; Ord. 90-13 § 4; Code 1990 § 1.1.04.]

1.05.050 Maintenance of municipal code.

A. At least two copies of the municipal code certified by the city clerk shall be kept on file in the office of the city clerk for use and examination by the public. As an amendment, addition or other change to the code is made, it shall be noted by ordinance number on the appropriate pages of each of the two copies of the code. The city clerk shall also keep a file of all amendatory ordinances, indexed for ready reference.

B. The municipal code may be reproduced in quantity and sold in such a manner as the city council directs. [Ord. 90-13 § 5; Code 1990 § 1.1.05.]